Bethel receives a new faculty of art and science

The University of Bethel College of Arts and Sciences welcomes eight new full-time professors this fall. He joins Bethel’s strong faculty with a wide range of backgrounds in social work, philosophy, engineering, chemistry, nursing, and communications. Read to meet the new Bethel professors.

Nick Zeim, Associate Professor of Social Work

Nick Zeimet is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a degree in Family Social Science. He served as president of the Minnesota Chapter of SAMS (Syrian American Medical Society) and was on a mission to Lebanon and Jordan on a mental health mission. He volunteers with the Sinai Human Rights Program as a remote mental health assessment for asylum seekers or other immigration issues.

Philosopher Omar Fakri

Omar Fakri graduated from Biola University with a BA (needs more information). He also holds a PhD from the University of Texas Tech. From the University of California, Berkeley. In Berkeley, a dissertation writes that widespread moral discord undermines our moral knowledge. Like most dissertations, the answer is “determined.”

Miguel Balzan, Associate Professor of Engineering

Miguel Balzan received his BS in Engineering from Simon Bolivar University, Caracas, Venezuela, and a Masters Degree in Engineering from Simon Bolivar University. He earned his PhD. In experimental liquid mechanics, Canada from the University of Alberta in Mechanical Engineering. He conducted a postgraduate study at the University of Auckland, conducting experimental studies focusing on the conflict in the drying process of a key event in the food industry. He has trained with the American Association of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the Alberta Association of Professional Engineers and Geologists (AGA-Canada), and the Power Engineers Association. Before coming to Bethel, Dr. Balzan taught physics and engineering at Red Deer College (Canada) and taught at Brian College (Tennessee), Simon Bolivar University, and St. Francis Xavier University (Canada).

Betty Anderson ’96, Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Betty graduated from Bethel University with a degree in Media Communication. She earned an MA and a PhD. Degree from the University of Minnesota Hubbard School of Journalism and Media Relations. She has worked for two major public relations agencies, and has served on several committees and on the board of the Minnesota Public Relations Association (PRSA). She has been a full-time faculty member for the past 15 years – first at St. Thomas University, and most recently at the University of Minnesota. Betty’s focus areas are strategic communication, teaching courses such as digital strategy, digital content, writing, social media and public relations.

Associate Professor Chris Schaffner of Communication Studies

Chris holds MFA from Mass Media University from Anderson State University and the University of Cincinnati Arts. He was previously an Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator at East Central University, Ada, Oklahoma, and Associate Professor of Media Studies at Wisconsin-Stevens Point University. He enjoys music, cycling, espresso and spending time with family and friends.

Ainsley Sche Fate, Assistant Professor of Social Work and Director of the BSW Program

Einsley Northwest College Orange City, Iowa, from St. Thomas / St. University MS. Katherine University, and is completing her doctorate. This year from Bayerler University. She enjoys community theater and has served as a composer, music director and actor in Rochester, Minnesota.

Associate Professor of Chemistry David Tweet ’79

David received his BA at Bethel. After completing his undergraduate degree, he obtained a PhD. Physical Chemistry at the University of Minnesota. After completing his PhD, he worked as a research chemist at 3M. Following his corporate demise, he began his career as a second science teacher. David obtained additional training at Bethel, and for many years he attended high school. For the past three years, he has served as an assistant professor at several universities, including Bethel. In addition to enjoying his time with family, he is also a good reader.

Home Anderson, Associate Professor of Nursing

My home is with a Doctor of Nursing from Capella University, an MA in organizational leadership from St. Catherine University, and a Nursing BS from the University of Wisconsin-Oe Claire. The house has three children, two cats, two dogs and three chickens. She enjoys her free time at her family’s farm in Wisconsin, reading and playing board games.

Our faculty.

Every professor who has been teaching for years, starting with our new faculties, is committed to your success. Study under the auspices of experts in the field — so one day you will excel in yourself.

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