Best cloud security courses to take on Udemy

Editors reviewing solutions have completed a list of the best cloud security courses at Udemy.

Cloud security continues to be an essential part of any cloud solution. As cloud deployment grows in popularity and many businesses turn to the cloud for important workflows, managing your cloud security is crucial. Online courses are a great way to showcase your knowledge in a specific field of study, and cloud security is no different.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the best cloud security courses at Udemy if you want to improve your performance for work or play. Udimi is one of the world’s largest online learning platforms that offers more than 130,000 courses, professional education and lifetime access on your own program. Below is a list of the best risk courses on Udemy, including links to the modules and links to each of us.

Note: Cloud security courses are listed in Udemy in a different order.

The best cloud security lessons on Udemy

Topic: Cloud security login with Microsoft Azure

Take ours This course focuses on IT administrators, system administrators, cyber security analysts and future cloud architects. The training covers the difference between on-site and hosted solutions as well as vulnerability in cloud computing.

Press release: In this course, you will learn the basics of cloud-based service technologies, and how to better protect them. This course is designed for anyone new to cloud computing who wants to understand the basics of security and how to apply it in the cloud computing platform. Although they do not just learn the theory. Throughout this course we will give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge in the real world by creating your own virtuous network in the Microsoft Round Computing platform.

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Topic: CCSO – Certified Cloud Security Officer

Take ours This section examines cloud security in the context of the real world. By completing this course, students will understand how compliance is viewed and hosted in the cloud and will gain hands-on experience in implementing cloud security.

Press release: This course integrates knowledge from one of the world’s leading cloud security standards. We also provide practical skills on cloud security, auditing and compliance. All of this is handled by a special cloud security provider with the help of hand-held labs to understand exactly what is happening to your data on the cloud stack layers. This related tutorial introduces many technologies used in the cloud, starting with the implementation of private cloud architecture, using new key management solutions from various providers. Upon completion, the certified cloud security officer will not only be able to successfully pass the C) CSO test, but will also have a basic knowledge of cloud security to ensure the security of the company’s IP and IT infrastructure.

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Topic: Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer Certification

Take ours Created by Ankit Mistry and Google Cloud Academy, this course teaches students how to stay safe in the Google Cloud platform environment. This explicit Google Cloud Professional Cloud Security Engineer is recommended for anyone seeking certification.

Press release: Do you want to secure your application, data in GCP? Want to learn about various security products in GPC to improve security? Want to learn cloud security features like Google Search, YouTube, GMAIL (Billion Users App) Secure Internet App? The cloud is the future, and the GPC is a rapidly growing public cloud. 87% of people are more confident about their cloud capabilities than individuals with Google cloud authentication. More than 1 in 1 person certified by Google Cloud has taken on more responsibility or leadership roles at work. Google Cloud – The best professional cloud security engineer to invest your time and energy in developing your knowledge of cloud security. So, I created the most practical general course that will prepare you for certification for a professional cloud security engineer.

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Topic: Cloud Security Certificate (CCSK) V4

Take ours From Anthony Sekera, this new course provides an overview of the latest processes and technologies to secure data in the cloud. CompTIA A + or equivalent knowledge is recommended before taking this section.

Press release: This course will prepare you for success in the CCSK Certification Exam. To ensure this, the full capabilities of cloud computing will be fully understood. You will learn the skills to effectively develop a comprehensive cloud security program in line with internationally accepted standards. Finally, you will learn to employ best practices for IAM, cloud event response, application security and more.

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Topic: IT Security Gumbo – The Basics of Cloud Security

Take ours This Cori is focused on all IT security and network professionals from Charles and Derek Berry. Students should have a basic understanding of network and web-based security before taking this class.

Press release: Cloud security is one of the most discussed topics among IT professionals today. And it doesn’t take much to talk about the most talked about cloud models – software as a service (SAS), infrastructure as a service (EAS), or platform as a service (PAP) – the talk often turns into cloud security. Let’s build on this course.

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Topic: Cloud Security with Beginners with Microsoft Azure | Turn

Take ours Muharram Idin and Sinan will guide students in this course. The training explores role-based access controls, Azure policies, and locks among other concepts.

Press release: By promoting cloud architecture, the infrastructure team that builds and maintains its servers, as well as the software team that develops applications on these servers, the Devop team is equally responsible for cloud security. In the cloud shared responsibility model, organizations are still responsible for security in the cloud – including their data – and cloud providers are solely responsible for cloud security. In this course you will learn the basics of cloud computing, as well as how to protect your infrastructure with Microsoft Azure Cloud computing services.

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Topic: Cloud Security Course Cloud compliance, audit, legal issues

Take ours This section is intended for security analysts, administrators, submissions administrators, cloud auditors, cloud engineers, and cloud architects. This course deals with cloud-related legal issues.

Press release: Violations may or may not occur in the cloud, in fact, violations may occur in the cloud. In the Marriott Starwood hotels, 327 million guest records included information such as name, mailing address, telephone number, email address, passport number, Starwood preferred guest accounting information, date of birth, gender, destination and departure information. Date of appointment and contact preferences. In cloud security, we learn some of the best practices regarding information security; Organizations have a much better chance of making sure their data is secure.

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Topic: AWS Cloud Security – Learn to protect and protect your resources

Take ours This course provides basic AWS cloud security concepts and teaches students how to automate cloud security. It is recommended that students gain extensive knowledge of AWS work and IT security before taking this course.

Press release: You will learn about security domains in AWS how to increase your security using standard and automated tools. At the end of this course you can answer the following questions: What do I need for cloud security? What are the different security services offered by AWS? How to use AWS security services (e.g. NIST) to comply with frameworks? How can I use AWS services to automate my security? How can I use this in my daily work?

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