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Five Michelin Star fsf feature on videos to teach audience about signature dishes on the Teunges cooking YouTube channel

The one-million-lin star-studded Ah-Yat Port View restaurant will be launching classes to teach you how to make high-end desserts at home.

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – August 10, 2021 – As Hong Kong’s leading flame cooking platform, Hong Kong and China Gas Company (Togas) are not only offering flame-retardant support services, but are also developing new new cooking units to allow this. To fully enjoy it. This year, Tougas will be the official energy partner of Hong Kong Macau 2021, and MICHELIN Guidelines for Hong Kong Macau 2021 will be issued. In addition, Tougas has persuaded Togolese business customers to star in a video series to teach the five Mi Michel Star stars to the public in the film. Tough cooking YouTube channel.

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In addition, Togas invites him to visit the Towatas Cooking Center in Kaussei Bay in September, which teaches firefighting skills!

He relies on a flame to produce fried, juicy fried chicken starred in a three-dimensional line. A Chinese chef starring two-time Michel Lin uses a flame to inspire fry

Last year, Tougas proudly launched a YouTube channel Toganans cooking. The company invited a group of people to show off their cooking skills and allowed the audience to follow the recipes at home. Meanwhile, this year Tougas has continued its efforts to invite a number of selected restaurants from Hong Kong Macau 2021 under MICHELIN’s direction.

The lineup includes Adriano Catanon from the three-mi Michelin-star restaurant Laatelier de Joel Robicho. Paul Law Ping-Lui from two-star Miche Lin-star restaurant Tin Sang Hen; Representatives from three-star one-liner-star restaurants, such as Ming Ling, CEO of Ahyat Port View Restaurant FF, SF, and each Shanghai vendor; And Nicholas Buttin, General Manager of PURE.

They all talk about their dining experiences and careers, and show off their skills in front of the camera to enable viewers to duplicate recipes at home. Only the videos can be viewed Tough cooking Until September. Please register and follow Tough cooking To receive notifications before you watch videos.

In addition, Chef Ming Lang, executive director of Ahit Port View restaurant, will begin a cooking course at the Tougas Cooking Center in Cowway Bay in September, teaching participants to prepare delicious desserts. The room is now open for registration. If you want to learn from the main f, you will not miss the opportunity!

Daniel Fung, Head of Strategy and Innovation and Trade, said HTT facilities in Togaas “Flame cooking is important for Chinese food that needs Chinese highness.” However, no matter what the food, the flame plays. Important part. “

He added, “In fact, according to MICHELIN’s guide, many of the best restaurants in Hong Kong, Macau, 2021, are customers of Tougas, and astronomers agree that it is an important part of cooking a flame. Their support this year in Hong Kong and Macau as we become Michael’s official energy partner and we take a step forward to reach a new heights, and we all share the same vision of creativity and sustainability in Toungs.


One-star restaurant – É Clean

The French top restaurant ÉPURE has been awarded a MICHELIN star for five consecutive years since 2017. Frenchman Nicolas Buttin has built a number of high-end French restaurants with two star and two Michael stars in France. Proud of its excellent skills, Boutique specializes in creating the finest seasonings from France, bringing the flavors of fresh ingredients to customers and simplifying the latest French cuisine.

Food – Potato Omelet
Tips for cooking: Flame cooking is absolutely essential. Even when cooking simple dishes, such as French fries, the dish tastes better with fire.


Three-star restaurant – Laatiller de Joel Robbach

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon has been awarded three Michael Stars for ten years in a row. Adriano Catanono, an executive from Paris, specializes in the creation of traditional French cuisine. Catanino uses his senses to combine simple flavors to create simple but excellent food.

Food – Grilled lobster with asparagus and Morere mushroom
Tips for cooking a flame: The flame cooker allows you to control the flame by cooking the meat evenly with plenty of leftover meat.

August 13

One-star restaurant – Ye Shanghai

A.D. That Shanghai restaurant, which was moved to K11 Musa in 2020, has been run by Chef Seze since its opening in 1998. f Cesses as a variety of cooking methods by cooking, cooking, roasting, and boiling, creating humorous yet creative dishes.

Dish – Boiled mandarin fish
Tips for cooking: Flame cooking provides an even distribution of fragrant energy. You can also go with arDownhillDown wok It is important to cook Chinese food.

August 27

One-star restaurant – Ah Yat Port View Restaurant

Awarded for 10 consecutive years in Michigan, Ahit Port View Restaurant features high-quality Cantonese food, tasty avocado, fried rice in a clay pot, and baked crabs.

Executive Ming Ling joins San Tung Lock at the age of 19 and holds a number of top restaurants in China and Hong Kong. Ling learned a lot after joining the Aht Yat Port View restaurant Yang Kun-Yat always shares his experience of cooking and selecting ingredients. Such an experience would enable Lang to take action in his career. Ling focuses on creating and cooking high-quality foods, such as oysters, sea urchins, shark fins, and fish fillets. He creates new recipes for families with fresh seasonal flavors, making many customers enjoy the profession and good food.

Dish: Roasted South African fries with lentils, onions and onions
Tips for Cooking Flame: In Chinese cuisine, it is important to cook the flame with wok hei. High heat is needed to create fragrant foods, and the only way to achieve this is to cook a flame.

September 10

Two-star restaurant – Tin Lung Hen

Tin Sang Hen, led by senior Cantonese chef Paul La Ping-Lui, with more than 40 years of experience, made a blurry combination of Cantonese food and two-star Michael. Lao is great for creating new dishes by using the best foods and combining traditional Christmas avant-garde skills.

Dish – Boiled duck and potatoes with selected plum soup

Flame Cooking Tips: Flame cooking allows you to control the intensity of the fire, which is crucial for the “Cantonese food” that the “Wake Hey” needs. When the soup on the edge of the walk is slightly cooked and the scents are burnt, the ingredients can be drunk on the side of the Walk Hey.

For those of you who want to teach at Ming Lang, Ahat Yat Port View restaurant executive, don’t miss the opportunity to book a place in the Tongs Cooking Center and receive two $ 100 cash vouchers at Ayat Yat Port View. Restaurant (Tsim Sha Tsui).

Ah Yat Port View Restaurant – Member meals

Guardian: Ming Lang, Executive FF from Ahat Yat Port View Restaurant (Cantonese)

Date – September 25, 2021 (Saturday)

Hours – 2pm – 5pm

Fee: $ 950

Dishes – fried eggplant pieces in XO soup (practical); Boiled chicken with abalon (display)

* Each participant will receive two $ 100 cash vouchers at the Tsim Sha Tsui Port Restaurant.


Tough cooking YouTube Channel – Michael Chef Series

About Tougas Cooking Center

In May 1977, Hong Kong and the Chinese Gas Company Limited officially established the Tongas Cooking Center. For more than 40 years, we have extended the joy of the flame to future generations. The Tonggas Cooking Center at the Li Theater is equipped with adjustable cooking tables for young children, making members of all ages enjoy the flames. We have a wide range of culinary courses designed for beginners, such as the Best Wife Certificate Program, and a Breakfast course for students studying abroad.

As pioneers in food education, we understand the need for professional food training in the market. Leading up to the trend in cooking, we collaborated with Discover Scoffer to bring students to Escoffier Diploma in Food and Escoffier Diploma in Hong Kong. Graduates will be awarded the “Level 5 National Diploma in French Food or Baking” accredited by the French Ministry of Education. With this great diploma, students are given the opportunity to pursue their careers in France, such as professional cooks or open restaurants. This partnership with Disciples Escoffier takes the culinary learning experience to a whole new level.

In response to a variety of cooking needs during the outbreak, Tougas Cooking Center has adopted a variety of innovative teaching methods that will receive participants’ assigned materials, including in-person tutorials, online courses and major online programs. Participants will see live tutorials as they practice at home, and their questions will be answered at the same time. All of these innovations allow our customers to enjoy cooking at home!

Welcome to contact us and become our partners!

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