Bernhard Langer wins Doug Baron in Dominion Energy Charity Classic

“I think I have to play in the game,” Doug Baron, who signed the 68th in the final round of the Dominion Energy Charity Classic, was heard speaking on the Golf Channel.

Baron had a par-5 18-minute opener to take a one-goal lead over Bernhard Langer at Virginia Country Club, and then connected with a bird in the final to force more holes.

They played the 18th hole again and each escaped the green with a second bullet. Baron sits to the left of the green, and Langer misses to the right. After releasing Baron, Langer came out of the green. Then he encountered the same birds, but when Baron left he first looked at his lips. Langer then poured his own water, set it aside to fall into the green, and raised both his hands at the ceremony.

Langer, 64, is the biggest player to have won the Champions League.

“It’s very special because when you are my age you don’t know you will win again, it’s so easy. We hope it will not be the last, but if it is, it will be very special. ” “It’s not easy to be big yet to win here. No matter what you do, it is not easy. Before me there were many great players from Nicklaus to Palmer to Snyder to Trevino and you are on your way, so I am very blessed to be so far away and I am lucky.

He also won the 42nd Champions League, placing Halle Irwin in the top three. Langer has won the last five playoffs but now sits 7-9 in the district.

The Charles Showab Cup Pleoufs point leader expanded his lead by a point when he was aiming for the sixth Shoab Championship and first place after 2018.

Celebrities in the field

Ernie Els’ 70-72, nine-pointer with Boge-Free 63 before the final whistle, was the best round in the tournament’s history.

Jim Furrick finished second in points 69-68-69 and finished eighth. He had to hit 69 to close and finish 10, but Langer lost by a point.

Phil Mikelsen was aiming to become the first Champions League golfer to win four of his five appearances for the district, but finished 47th with a 71-74-71 victory. For the second straight day, Lefty posted a four-boge 9 on the ninth hole, the last hole of the second and final round. The last round started with seven birds in the first 12 holes but two days before the second quad had five holes.

Tom Bairem won 18th place for 70th and 16th for 16th place. That puts him in 54th place in the points, which will only take him to Boca Raton, Florida, in the next two weeks at the Timber Tech Championship. The field then goes to 36 for the stitching November 11-14 at the Phoenix Country Club.

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