Berkeley scholar Jennifer Granhol also serves as Biden’s energy writer

Jennifer Granhol is a political and clean energy policy instructor who teaches Berkeley courses on clean energy, policy innovation and communication. (Photo courtesy of Bercley Goldman School of Public Policy)

President-elect Joe Biden Presented Jennifer Granholm, a two-time Michigan governor and UC Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy (GPSP) teacher, heads the U.S. Department of Energy.

“I am very grateful to Berkeley and Goldman Public Policy School for giving me great research talent and the ability to find great grad students who are interested in clean energy,” Granhol said. “I will take their hopes of a clean energy future to Washington with me, and if it is confirmed, it will focus on deploying clean energy in every pocket of the country, focusing on the most disadvantaged communities. , Race and Environmental Injustice ”

Granholm is a political and clean energy expert who teaches Berkeley courses in pure energy, policy innovation and communication. She is a senior fellow at the Berkeley Institute of Energy and Climate Change and the Berkeley Information Technology Research (CITRIS). If confirmed, Granol will oversee the National Nuclear Security Administration, the agency in DOE, which oversees 17 national laboratories, large-scale energy research initiatives, and the national nuclear stockpile.

For his part, Dean Henry E. Brady of the Goldman School said: “I am delighted to see the government elect Granhol as Biden’s energy secretary.” At DOE, she leads one of the most innovative engines in the United States. She is intelligent, experienced, caring and committed to creating a clean energy future in high-paying manufacturing.

“The energy department will be central to almost everything in the Biden-Harris plan,” said Danman Camman, chairman of the Goldman School of Energy and Resources. We also need a lot of attention and effort to create jobs. You need someone who can put it all together. That suits Jennifer Granhol and T. I was amazed that they made this choice. At this point, I think she is fit for the job. ”

If confirmed, Granholm will be the second Berkeley scholar to be named after a post by Binden’s administration cabinet after being beaten by Treasury Secretary Emetitus Janet Yellen.

At the start of the TED2013 conference, Jennifer Granhol also asked an important question around the world – how do we do so much? Her big idea is to invest in new alternative energy sources. And the biggest challenge – can it be done in our broken Congress or not?

Granholm served as governor of Michigan from 2003 to 2011 during the Great Depression of 2000,000. Do you create well-paying jobs in the United States? The answer can be found in pure energy innovation that solves the climate crisis and creates much-needed jobs, especially for those who once were employed in traditional manufacturing.

A.D. In 2014, Granhol launched the US think tank, which has conducted research on clean energy and entrepreneurship for more than five years in 24 states.

“Gov. “Granholm is always concerned about the future,” said Mary Collins, managing director and co-founder of American Jobs. She really saw how we could use clean energy industries to create well-paying jobs. In the current context of our economy, we really need someone with a vision for the future.

“The American Jobs Project was a well-thought-out effort to understand employment and justice opportunities at the core of the Biden-Harris transition,” Camman said. A.D. The goal of going to all clean energy by 2035 really requires everyone’s approach.

In the classroom, Granhol is a knowledgeable and invested educator, giving her time and sincere interest in highlighting how your student thinks about public policy.

Jennifer Granholum poses with your student in Berkeley

Jennifer Granhol is also known as an educator and investor who is passionate about donating her time and emphasizing how her students think about public policy. (Photo from Bora Reed)

“Gov. Granhol also at GSP. He has always been a great mentor to our students, ”said Brady. When creating jobs, for example, she initiated a number of innovative courses and research efforts, including the idea of ​​developing high-performance battery generators near automotive manufacturers to drive electric vehicles.

“She has always been concerned with how we actually do things,” said Spencer Bowen, a Granholm graduate teacher. She asked, ‘What are the strong points of this policy idea? Where can you make it more convincing? At what level of government (state, state, federal) does this policy work best? ”

Despite his “amazing and pretty scary” accomplishments, he and his graduating class found Granhol also accessible and kind. She took the time to meet with the students, said Bowen, and rated her role and put even a large food and drink refrigerator in the classroom at the end of the winter to feed the students.

“There was not much hierarchy in her class,” Bowen said. She was very involved in the policy discussion.

If confirmed, Granhol will join two other Goldman schoolteachers who have served in the president’s cabinet posts – Robert B. Rich served as secretary of staff in the Clinton administration from 1993 to 1997, and Janet Napolitano served as secretary of national security in Obama. Administration from 2009 to 2013.

She is an honorary graduate of Berkeley and Harvard Law Schools.

She and her husband, Dan Mulhen, have three children.

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