Bengal Energy Cuisinier Oil Field Water Injection Program announced

Calgary, Alberta – (News File Corporation – November 30, 2021) – Bengal Energy Limited (TSX ፡ Regular BNG) (“Bengal” or “Company”) The Cuisinier Oil Field Water Injection Pilot Program is pleased to announce the launch of a permanent water injection program on November 12, 2021.

The previously produced Cuisinier 24 (“C24”) well was converted into a water injector and moved from the Cuisinier 7 pipeline to the C24 site and into the reservoir.

Currently, the injection volume is 377 barrels of water per day, of which 4,000 barrels of water have been injected so far, and the C24 well head pressure is 1022 psi. The next plan is to increase immunization volume to 1,350 psi per head of well.

“We are delighted to see the much-anticipated water injection pilot implemented by Cuisinier,” said Bengali President and CEO Chakrabarti. “We believe Murta is a suitable water-based candidate for the formation of Cuurta at Cuisinier, with high quality water storage features, low crude oil viscosity and low GOR in the GOR tank. Drive damaged manufacturers. “

In addition, the Bartta Joint Venture in Cuisinier is expected to be cost effective in terms of water treatment and disposal of up to $ 700,000 per year. Oil production.

With the continued success of the program, most of the required plant and equipment costs can be expanded in the field.

The Cuisinier field first produced 2P Oil, which is 4% off 95 million barrels of crude oil (29 million barrels of refined Bengal 30.357% interest in the Cuisinier field).1 The company’s latest third-party backup review will take effect on March 31, 2021. The company expects a comprehensive field-pressure maintenance program to help reduce natural pool production by increasing overall oil recovery.

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Bengal Energy Limited
Chayan Chakrabarty, President and CEO
Gerard Blanchard, Chief Financial Officer
Phone: (403) 205-2526

1 OIIP first means “DPIIP”. OIIP was developed by Bengal Independent Reserve Reviewers GLJ Limited (“GLJ”) and is based on the National Reserve 51-101 and Canada’s Petroleum and Gas Assessment Manual (“COGEH”) for the purpose of the free reserve reported in March. 31, 2021 (“GLJ Report”). This estimate is intended to guide the total amount of oil found in the first place, excluding regenerative capacity and is therefore a very special category of COGEH. DPIP, as stated in COGEH, is the amount of petroleum that is estimated to be in pre-production reserves from the date of manufacture. The returnable DPIIP component includes non-backup products, backups and resources. OIIP / DPIIP and recovery rate estimates are based on current recovery technologies. There is a great deal of doubt about the ultimate recovery and usefulness of any inputs associated with OIIP / DPIIP. There is no guarantee that OIIP / DPIIP will be commercially viable to produce any part of the total stock so far and the reserves in the GLJ report. Any further rehabilitation of the OIIP / DPIIP unit, which cannot be renewed by injection, can only be considered and evaluated by the performance of the pressure injection system. For more information, including the company’s restaurant property, please see Bengal Annual Information Form March 31, 2021 at

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