Bendx adds features for diagnostic software, starts air drying

The complex, interconnected systems in today’s commercial vehicles present many challenges when it comes to quickly and accurately diagnosing safety and time-based problems based on accurate results, Bendx said.

With the recent upgrades to the Bendx ACM PRO diagnostic software, Bendx’s commercial vehicle systems will enable ships and technicians to navigate North American trucks and buses with advanced equipment — including the newly integrated Bendx Demo truck.

“Technology and trucks are advancing faster than ever,” said Bendx’s director of marketing and customer solutions. “When we redesigned our diagnostic software and re-launched ACom PRO, there were some unsupervised electronic control units (ECUs). Those ECUs are now fully supported and included in the ACom PRO General Diagnostic Code report.

Bendx launched the first Bendx Ecom diagnostic software in 2004. The device has been downloaded more than 100,000 times before the 2019 launch of the more powerful and user-friendly ACom PRO in collaboration with Norrego.

Among other things, the Bendx Ecom PRO will support Bendx Tractor products, including the Bendx Anti-Locking Braking System (ABS), Automatic Traction Control (ATC), Stability Control, Bendx Wingman Advanced Driver Support Systems, AutoVue Lane Home Warning System, BlindSpotter Side Effects . System, SmarTire tire pressure control system, air disc brake (ADB) padding sensor, and safety in Bendik CVS.

The new Bendix ACom PRO case includes new training capabilities to help technicians get the full capacity of the device as quickly as possible.

“Now, the new Bendx Demo truck trainers can see the features, tests and support of the ACom PRO tool on selected ECUs without having to move on a real truck,” Thomas said. Technical training is important, which means that we need to improve our approach to support that effort.

Another training resource to support technicians is available at Bindx Online Brake School at, which contains more than 20 ACom PRO training videos and more than 80 production and system training videos. These courses are free of charge when users register with the site.

When connected to a vehicle, the ACom PRO software collects active and inactive diagnostic troubleshooting codes (DTCs) from all the Bendx electronic control units on the vehicle, as well as key vehicles such as the engine and transmission ECU. This package call shows what is on the vehicle, eliminating the need for a technician to specify a list of pre-packed parts, the company said.

ACom PRO diagnostic software — a subscription-based tool — is updated regularly to keep up with diagnostic needs. This year alone, Bendx has added about two dozen improvements, including new ECU support and diagnostic capabilities to a variety of products such as the fifth-generation Safety Direct Processor (SDP 5). The ACom PRO device now supports SmarTire on the front and rear bus compartments, each with its own ECU.

“Even as we develop the device, the ACom PRO specifications can be created within two minutes of a DTC report,” said Thomas. In some areas we have expanded binary testing and measurement standards, so the system maintains its long-lasting nature without compromising its strength.

And in collaboration with Bendx in collaboration with Norregon, the ACom PRO diagnostic software uses an Internet connection to display specific programs and related information for specific system crashes through the Norregon error guide feature. And when it is not possible to connect to the Internet, Bendx service sheets are available offline to support the technician.

“Professional technicians in North American repair garages are looking for the best equipment we can provide, and at the same time, Bendx aims to keep men and women behind the wheel of safe vehicles,” he said. Without the proper support of competent maintenance teams, advanced technologies will not go anywhere – we are proud of our support.

Benedict launches with AD-HFA air conditioner with electronic pressure control capabilities

Consider these three needs of modern full-function air-conditioning technology: Dry air for systems is dependent on today’s trucks. Improved energy efficiency; And air conditioning inspections. The new Bendx AD-HFA air conditioner adds electronic pressure control to all three.

The AD-HFi model Bendx The Bendx Edd-HF dryer, launched in 2019, features the same head-tip design — but includes a solenoid-operated valve that replaces the traditional mechanical ruler.

Rich Nagel, director of Bendx Marketing and Customer Solutions, said: “Electronic-controlled buyers will be able to effectively control drying payments and redevelopment cycles using Bendx’s electronic air conditioning (EC) software.” “This function allows the dryer to operate under different parameters, increase the dry air handling capacity and save energy. That software also provides inspections to help ships and owner operators get the most out of their dryers and cartridges.

AD-HFi is available for order from several major North American commercial vehicle manufacturers.

By a traditional mechanical buyer, a commercial vehicle air conditioner has two fixed sets that determine when the compressor is charged and discharged. When the system pressure is fully charged – typically at 130 pcs – it sends a pressure signal to the mechanical controller to lower the compressor. When the vehicle’s brakes are applied — or when any other air-conditioning system uses the compressed air supply — the pressure decreases, and at 110 psi, the controller re-signals the compressor to build pressure and fill the system.

When the mechanical controller operates in two fixed pressure settings, the Bendx AD-HFA air-drying solenoid is controlled by electronic air conditioning software (ECA) software, which controls the transmission of various information, including speed, motor rotation, throughout the truck J1939 network. And RPM, the company says.

“With EAC software, the AD-HFI unit can improve the payment cycle based on air and motor needs,” Nagel said. “If the software determines that the air conditioner needs more drying capacity – for example you are pulling more trailers or you have more rods – then it can order more short cleaning cycles. This patent-pending technology is called ICR. This improved cleaning ability provides more dry air for vehicles in need.

Efficiency and energy savings are also built into EAC software in the form of Overrun and Overtake functions. When a compressor is built, it takes approximately 8 to 10 horsepower from the engine. EAC software uses the vehicle’s operating data to determine optimal compression run times.

Nagel is in what we call a “very good state of energy.” “If you are going downhill or idle, then the engine has ‘free power’, otherwise it will be wasted and can now be used as a charger. In those cases, the EAC driver temporarily increases the cutting and cutting pressures because the compressor can charge more than normal, programmed pressure, without losing engine power.

“Arriving is the opposite – if I am trying to cross or climb a hill, I do not want the horse to pay for the compress because I need power. In this case, the compressor lowers the cut and cut limits so that the compressor does not try to build pressure. And in the end, that saves energy, because they run the engine more efficiently, ”says Nagel.

The software is programmed to reduce the cutting pressure below the safe setting under the FMVSS-121 rule.

The EAC software provides status messages related to overheating, which may indicate system leaks or other issues. It also monitors drying cycles and air volume during drying cartridge service. Using other compressor information, EAC may mark when it is time to replace the cartridge.

“Our electronic air conditioning software is equipped with a compressor and an engine,” says Nagel. “The software is programmed to find out what the compression cycle is for that compressor and how much air it needs to produce, so it can send a diagnostic code if something doesn’t work properly. As far as cardboard life goes, it is better to use distance as a guideline than to measure the distance. ”

After replacing the Bendx ACom Pro diagnostic software, the rest of the drying carton can be restarted.

Like the original Bendx AD-HF air dryer, the AD-EFF includes field-operated, cartridge-type pressure-saving valves (PVVs) and is designed to work only on cartons that rotate with Bendx ura raggard oil. PuraGuard carton provides the industry’s most effective solution for removing airborne aerospace from compressed air.

“The difference between blending oil with Purgatory oil is that the filter media is placed before the air dryer and uses gravity to remove oil droplets, which gives the cartridge a longer and more effective life,” he said. There is also an internal check valve that prevents the oil removed from entering the filter media, which maintains the efficiency of the carton throughout the operation.

The quality of a truck’s compressed air supply is more important than ever, as commercial vehicles meet high automation standards that include many solenoid valves. These valves provide precise control for safety systems and require more fresh air than conventional manual brake valves. In addition, some automatic transmitters (AMTs) and discharge devices rely on air pressure regulators.

“Nobody knows commercial commercial air conditioning like the Bendx, and we’ve been working on new technologies for decades,” says Nagel. Trucks are changing, roads are changing, technology is changing – faster than ever – but we will continue to lead the charge on air conditioning systems that are safe and in good working order.

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