Beach Technology Conference returns to Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – After a year of riots, the future oil and gas technology conference will be held in Houston. [OTC], And the world’s energy capital is ready for the next.

After the extinction in 2020 due to the epidemic, OTC returned to the NRG Park Exhibition Hall on Monday, filled only with oil and gas.

You can also find wind, solar and natural gas products at the conference. Interesting for industry experts is how new energy sources adapt to older technologies.

“How can you have gas, wind and sun, and what kind of project opportunities can that bring?” OCD Chairman Cindy Yelling asked.

The congregation brings together people from all over the world. But this will not be far from NRG Park.

“We see significant growth in the energy industry in Houston and Texas, and it will benefit all of us in the United States,” said Ramana Krishnaamorti, chief energy officer at the University of Houston. They said.

It is the growth of the local economy. At the time of the epidemic, the state’s work reports that mining and logistics had lost nearly 15,000 jobs in the Houston area. As oil prices rise, so do jobs.

According to the June Texas Labor Report, the Houston area has 1,600 mines and woodworking jobs each year. Krishna Morti said the future may not be just wind and sun. Houston said it could develop how energy is stored and transmitted.

“How do we get wind from the coast? Geothermal from the beach? How do we get wave energy, wave energy? How do we combine that with oil and gas?” Krishna Morti explained.

The technology is being developed. Some of them were presented at the meeting.

But there is another problem. Who does it?

“Do we have a ready leadership, but do we have a technical and formal workforce? I don’t think so. ”

If the energy industry leaders are in the oil and gas field, attend seminars, take courses or watch online videos. If you want to get into business, there are opportunities.

“I’m telling people to ‘call a friend.’ [them] Ask out loud and ask for fun. ‘What do I need to know?’ That can open many, many doors. “

Growing opportunities are expected to increase as the world recovers from the epidemic and seeks new energy sources from the world.

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