Back at Wickham, East Lime finds a pair of cross-country titles

Manchester: All the cross-country memories at Wichham Park were flooded on Saturday afternoon: with the famous 3.1-mile course and the “green monster” version: the middle of the hill – the problem, the strategy, the electricity.

Griswold High School junior Michael Strain said Saturday that all the courses we run regularly are good, but nothing prepares you for this course.

“It’s amazing,” said Stonington’s Ryan Gruzzka. “Running here seems like a different sport. Completely different. I’ve experienced a lot more since then.

A total of 13 races were held at Wickham Park on Saturday at the iconic Wikham Park, with six variations competing to allow runners to adapt to the course and atmosphere before the end of the season. State Department Meetings are open October 30 in Wickham and November 5.

Last season’s major conferences, including the entire post-season, were canceled due to Covide-19, which means it’s been two years since high school runners practiced the fall green monster.

The return was especially good in 16 minutes, 3 seconds, the second best overall time of the day, and Luke Anthony, the winner of the East Lime girls’ team that finished first in the men’s 16th century men’s competition. 111 points in the middle class girls’ competition.

Anthony’s strategy involves a big step after the green monster, as his rivals take a deep breath and enjoy themselves.

That’s right when he starts to climb the ladder – Anthony. “People are tired and tend to slow down. If you can stay strong and keep your mind on it, it is a serious mental activity. … Definitely sad. it hurts. But I like it. I look forward to it. Pain. It means I will do it right.

Izzy Paggioli was 12th in the Eastern Lime girls for 12th, Aran and Torres 18th in 21:43 and elementary student Maya da Akila 27th in 22:10. Kennedy Holsapelle (30th in 22:21) and Kyle Jensen (33rd in 22:28) scored. The Vikings were two of the top seven without running. Coach Mike Flynn said Holpasle had only done so in the past.

“It would be nice if they could come here and have a positive relationship with the course,” says Flynn. “The girls all said, ‘I love this lesson.’ I was good because all the poor races will be on this course.

They asked Flynn where they would end up. He told them that if they ran well, he would catch five first.

“They still don’t know how good they can be,” says Flynn.

Other top runners on Saturday were Gruzka (third, 17:20) and Strain (fourth, 17:21) in the men’s small class. Lucas Strene was 17:44 and James Strene was 17:47 (three of Strain’s three brothers). Griswold was third with 108 points. Liman Memorial Helen Blacksley was 22nd in the 22nd division of the minority girls competition.

In the men’s middle class, Anthony was followed by teammate Brandan Fant (13th, 17:13). East Lime, who will be crowned the fourth straight state champion on October 30, finished fourth with 201 points.

Bako Academy’s Jordan Maloi, a two-time East Connecticut conference champion, finished third in the women’s 43rd division division in 19:43 and Montville’s Maya Suarez finished seventh in 20:19. Leaded Clare Inyang was 13th (20:57).

Tyler Crab of Norwich Free Academy was 20th in the men’s section of 17:11.

Michael Bolke of New York City ran the men’s fastest day of the day to win the big category. Condard Regional Champion Gavin Ryry did not run. Somers’ Rachel St. Germany won the big part at 18:16.

“I was really pleased to see so many schools here,” says Mallolo. “I love Wickham Park and I missed running here. I am so happy to be able to run here today. The starting line is very nervous. It’s amazing to look down and see all the runners lined up… I went out so fast I learned my lesson here. I just remember to speed myself up.

“There are a lot of great people,” Flynn said. “The power that comes here is amazing. Everyone is happy for everyone. It’s exciting. These are the two pairs above.”


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