Australia needs US help to defuse ‘gas bomb’

According to a recent United Nations report, reducing methane emissions due to humans is a cost-effective strategy to rapidly reduce global warming and reduce temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius. The United States can succeed in reducing methane. Australia has no plans to do this.

The world today is in the throes of a “gas bomb” and the lack of action in the US, Australia and a few other countries could ignite the fuse and explode any hope of stopping global greenhouse gas emissions before 2030 – so it is very important. Better in 2050 or earlier. In fact, the IPCC report suggests that greenhouse gas emissions should increase significantly over the next four decades to reduce the temperature of coal and gas-fired power plants to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Methane is 86 times more potent than carbon dioxide, and will work to increase global warming over the next two to three decades, but carbon dioxide has been around for centuries.

More than half of the world’s methane emissions are produced by humans, who waste 35 percent, agriculture 40 percent, and 20 percent.

In many countries, the first encouraging national response to the IPC’s Herculean activities was a cloud of preconceived notions and a reluctance to take clear first steps, to stop further gas drilling. Australia is proud to be the world’s leading exporter and exporter of gold, saying: Providing alternatives to high-efficiency fuels. ”

But when Australian and American research unequivocally shows that the flow of methane at different points in the production cycle is similar or even greater than that of coal – the frame of the industry is misleading.

Recently, US Deputy Climate Representative Jonathan Pershing said Australia should consider 50 to 28 percent emissions now by 2030. This has been rejected.

It is difficult to achieve this goal in Australia without stopping new gas production, reducing production from existing wells and sealing methane effluents.

Australia currently has a post-COVID-19 “gas-fired recovery” policy that follows the needs of the local market, and the development of five giant new gas tanks is for export.

As a result, the bottom line is very worrying President Biden“We are eager to help Afghanistan resettle refugees”, US Department of the Interior approves nearly 2,500 permits for excavation of public and ethnic lands. Leading other countries, including Australia, recognize that the United States cannot produce oil that is compatible with these practices, but requires pain relief.

It is equally important to reduce existing emissions and emissions and discharges during distribution and storage. With thousands of wells in need of control, this has been a daunting task. Although an explosion can now be detected by special cameras on the aircraft, it is a way to clear the regulation.

In addition, the US government is currently improving satellite imagery and can direct methane emissions around the world. Publishing such information for all countries at the COP 26 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow is a challenge for many countries and Australia.

Over the past decade, a number of scientific studies have revealed that communities in and around the United States are experiencing health problems such as asthma, sinus conditions and migraines, skin rashes, fatigue and headaches and hospitalizations. And heart failure, nervous, respiratory, immune system diseases and some cancers. Low birth weight High frequency, high prenatal supply, high risk and some birth defects, near pregnancy (around 2 or 3 km) to gas drilling activities, or compared to distant pregnancy, or gas production Same place before it started.

These findings are complex and difficult to verify, but it is important to use precautionary measures to determine the future safety of gas production.

These US findings have repeatedly been ignored and ignored by communities opposed to the development of gas fields in Australia. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. US leadership continues to influence other countries. The Australian government has banned all research into the fossil fuel industry.

The effects of climate change are beyond comprehension. Scientists have shown great fear and anxiety because of their understanding. Many choose to remain childless. Most politicians in democracies stay on the other side of the aisle, often worrying about the economic prosperity of their constituents. Climate change is now the ultimate threat to democracy unless our leaders take bold action to protect their citizens.

Compared to the results of a recent IPCC report, the whites are not a significant problem for Afghanistan, Russia, China, cyber-attacks or even COVID-19.

For all this, the United States must refrain from increasing oil and gas production. By 2030, the fast-moving electric vehicle program could be revitalized as fast as World War II.

Importance for Australia? US action will increase public awareness of this issue and increase the pressure on our government as our closest partner works with leadership. Biden must lead this initiative – the rest of the world is watching.

David Sherman (AM, PhD, Frapap, FRC) Professor of Medicine at Adelaide University in South Australia and Doctors for Local Australia.


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