Australia blames Neon for Tesla’s lack of battery power

Tesla Power Generations at Nerson Wind Farm in Hornsdale, South Australia September 29, 2017. REUTERS / Sonali Paul

MELBOURNE, Sept. 23 (Reuters) – Australia’s energy regulator (AR) has sued NEOEN.PA, a French company based in southern Australia, for failing to provide a “large battery” for four months in 2019. Received payment.

Neon is upset by AER’s decision. He did not comment on the allegations.

Storage energy is needed to prevent blackouts from occurring in wind and solar farms, where energy is not always available.

Elon Musk, CEO of Newton Hornsdale Power Reserve Tesla Inc (TSLA.O), was the world’s largest battery when it opened in 2017, and the company can prevent megapac batteries from shutting down in South Australia.

According to Air, the Hornsdale Power Reserve has provided market services and has not been able to provide power as needed in the event of a recurrence of the Australian energy market operator – or power drops on the network.

“If we are to move to a more dynamic generation in the market, we need to do what generators can do,” said Clare Savaway, chairman of AR.

The Superintendent seeks fines and court costs.

Louis de Sambusi, Managing Director of Neon Australia, confirmed that Hersondale’s reservoir is “an integral part of South Australia’s electricity grid”.

“Although we are saddened by the decision of the AER, we will continue to maintain our working relationship with them,” the statement said.

AER action comes as the biggest battery in Australia, 450 megawatts, becomes Victoria’s Big Battery following a fire in one of Tesla Megapacks. Read more

Victoria’s big battery had to be turned on by the hour for the Southern Hemisphere, which begins in December.

Report by Sonali Paul; Edited by Christopher Cushing

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