Attending courses at various universities by pressing the button

The Student Mobility Project aims to enable students to pursue courses at a variety of institutions without the usual administrative and organizational barriers. In this project, TU / e, WUR, Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht are working hard to create a platform for these exchanges.

Beginning November 22, students will be able to attend courses at various universities by clicking the button. Through the platform, students can transfer their credits to their own institution by browsing and enrolling in other institutions. This is the first step in making it easier for students to develop their own curriculum within the boundaries of the institution. For teachers, improves course visibility for students of other institutions. Students bring a variety of knowledge to the table, and take a new look at the courses.

Extensive courses

The forum currently offers more than 60 courses at Alliance partner institutions TU / e, WUR and UU and this curriculum will continue to expand in the coming years. We are also considering whether it is possible to offer a variety of courses offered by specialized courses.

Encourage students to look more

This project was developed in collaboration with SURF and is partially funded by IT for educational innovation. Project Leader Ulrich Wildwood ” requires a unique national infrastructure and teaching method to make this activity possible for students. This is not easy to develop, so we are very proud that the forum is live. We have achieved remarkable results with the four cooperatives and SURF. Thanks to this forum, education will be more flexible and we encourage students to look beyond the boundaries of courses and institutions. ‘

Strategic Coalition

The EduXchange platform is primarily used by students outside of TU / e, WUR, UU and UMC Utrecht. It will later be used nationwide. These institutions have been working in strategic partnership since 2019 under the motto of Challenging Future Generations. Young researchers, teachers and students are leading the project by collaborating on the boundaries of science. In the union, the institutions combine their expertise to contribute to social transformation in the areas of health, nutrition, energy and sustainability.

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