Attacks on the energy industry hurt central Minnesota

It is sad to read in those pages former US Senator David Durenberger in July that he opposes the statewide prosecutions of several state attorneys general, including Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison. In that column, Durrenberger (R-Min.) States that “taxpayers are misappropriating climate change expenditures” and that the allegations against the energy industry are “intended to recover some of the effects of these climate crises.”

But facts tell us that nothing could be further from the truth.

The Minnesota Freedom Foundation has been prosecuting attorney general Keith Ellison and 10 general liberal attorneys in various states, prosecuting more than two states. Words, “Bring the Scream of Death” to the American Energy Industry.

They may succeed in doing so, but the taxpayers of Sterns, Sherburn, and Benton County will pay for their climate warfare. So, Ellison is happy to use its taxpayer-sponsored office to strengthen these special interest cases: lawsuits, if successful, would exacerbate unemployment in this area and increase the cost of living for local taxpayers.

How is this happening?

According to Iris, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Foundation has donated $ 5.6 million in 2017 to develop the New York University Law School State Energy and Environmental Impact Center. Since then, the NYU has hired at least 17 lawyers and placed them in 11 state attorney general offices.

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