Athletes in Montana respond to sports on the Olympic stage

Helena: This year’s Summer Olympics traditional and non-traditional sports have been on display for three weeks. One of the new, non-traditional sports on display is sports.

Competitors compete in three different disciplines – rock, fast climbing and pencil climbing and winning a medal set.

Passengers from Helena to the area say that seeing one of their favorite sports on the world stage is a great experience, and we hope it will change people’s minds because it is not a sport or not.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Keran Hadley said.

“It’s great to see the growth, you know, it’s really different, it’s not like a sport,” said Jackson Weather.

Although some people have ideas about sports, the fact that sports are part of the Olympic Games is echoing the joy of young and old alike.

“I think it’s really cool. And I like to see all the competitors, and it’s amazing to see that level, ”said Gillian Bowingdon.

“It’s great to see such a high level and to see those great athletes do it,” said Leo Dolan.

Bullying is a short, wireless climbing technique that allows competitors to test their abilities on a variety of course problems. Acceleration is a seasonal phenomenon that emphasizes speed and does not change the subject. Leading out is the same as speeding, because the time has come and the creators are stuck in the end system, but the course changes and takes longer.

A.D. With the 2024 Paris Olympics set to begin, Waters said he was delighted to be a key figure in the sport.

Achieving that international recognition is truly rewarding, something you can put years and years into.


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