At QF, it uses InclusiveTechnologies to include the digital division of Georgetown Student Innovation

In response to the epidemic in response to distance learning opportunities, QF Partner in Qatar launches an innovative ed-tech platform designed to provide access to digital education. Using a combination of web and chatbot technology to connect digital partitions.

The start of the education service was established by the University of Delhi at the University of Delhi and by its partner Stuti Tanotra and aims to develop accessible, participatory and results-oriented skills training for grades 8-12. The launch of the program is the provision of a primary website and online courses, plans to expand offline access using popular text-based messaging apps. That’s where chatbots come in. Automated communication tools.

The Internet has seen an increase in online learning opportunities. But you still have to pay for a certificate, or a computer or digital device, secure internet access, and an understanding of how to get and benefit from these resources, Carthage.

“That’s why for many communities, even free training is not available. Much of the knowledge is now hidden behind salary walls or infrastructure designed to suit only a select few. We want access labs to close this gap by helping to create a more decentralized and democratic learning environment that overcomes barriers.

With a focus on future skills, Cartika and her partner plan to promote programs on topics such as sustainability, entrepreneurship, social and cultural awareness, and information science that are not offered to underprivileged communities. His project received more than $ 2,500, primarily from the Penner Family Experience Award from the University of Georgetown in Washington, DC, and support from the Social Innovation and Public Service (CPS) Fund. The project is also a solution approved by Clinton Global Innovative University to make education more accessible.

The challenge for the beginner is to adapt the existing content with chatbooks that use machine learning to provide existing content to the user engaging experience. To do this, Cartika and his partner conducted extensive research into future supply models for low-tech or low-tech devices. It works best if the content of the training is given in a conversational style and uses up-to-date teaching methods such as gametes that are lacking in traditional classrooms. That is very different from the usual learning models. ”

Skills taught by Access Labs are particularly suitable for cartilage, automated delivery systems. “When it comes to 21st century skills, you can’t take the same rhythm approach used in many classrooms. Our focus is not only on creating top-down teaching methods, but also on engaging students through hands-on learning through hands-on learning. The content of the future course emphasizes not only the content but also how they learn and agree. Learning is not just a result but a process. ”


Georgetown University about Qatar

Founded in 1789 in Washington, DC, Georgetown University is one of the world’s leading educational and research institutions. A.D. In 2005, in collaboration with the Qatar Foundation, the University of Georgetown (GU-Q) in Qatar seeks to build the university’s international reputation in education, research and service. The mission of GU-Q is to promote intellectual, moral, and spiritual awareness at the University, and to provide a comprehensive educational experience that promotes knowledge and produces international citizens committed to the service of students and the community.

Located in the city of Doha, GU-Q offers an internationally recognized degree in foreign service with the Georgetown Capitol Campus in Washington, DC. This unique, multidisciplinary program helps students develop critical thinking, analysis and communication skills in a global context to deal with important and pressing global issues. GU-Q graduates work in leading local and international organizations in industries ranging from finance to energy, education and media. The Qatar Campus also serves as a place of residence and delivery for the Executive Masters in Emergency and Disaster Management with the Executive Masters.

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