At noon, the largest stocks of clean energy are Lordstown Motors, Campbell Soup Company and more.

Lordstown Motors Corporation’s endurance electric pickup truck was unveiled at the opening ceremony on Thursday, June 25, 2020 in Geststone, Ohio, USA.

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Pure energy fuels On Reddit’s WallStreetBets platform, the share of clean energy fuels increased by more than 31.5%. Renewable Natural Gas Company has a relatively small float at 66%, which means the stock can be easily operated, and 8% of the float is sold short, according to FactSet data.

Clover Health, Context Logistics, AMC Entertainment, Wendy In the last few weeks, some of the most popular Reddit shares have disappeared on Wednesday as social media traders turn their attention to other ideas. AMC shares fell by about 10.4%, Clover fell by 23.6%, context logic fell by 8.9% and Wendy’s slide fell by 12.7%. Wendy also declined to buy Stefel.

Lordstown Motors Corp. The electric car company’s shares fell double-digit, then collapsed to increase losses by 0.09%. In a request to the SEC on Tuesday, Lordstown Motors said there were “serious doubts” about the financing of the vehicle and its ability to continue. He said Wednesday afternoon that the company was in talks with several parties to raise funds.

Campbell Soup Company The food producer’s stock fell 57 cents per quarter, down 6.5%, and analysts lost 9 cents. The company cut its forecast for the entire year and said it expects even higher price increases later this year.

Ship The US government has agreed to pay $ 1.2 billion for the 1.7 million trial Covidy-19 treatment approved by U.S. regulators, and the pharmaceutical industry has gained more than 2%. Merk expects more than 10 million medical courses by the end of this year.

Aberchrombi and Fich After Jeffreys improved its holdings, the clothing retailer’s shares increased by about 0.9%. According to Jeffrey, Aberkumbi and Fitch are experiencing incredible production on Wall Street.

Fox Corporation has acquired 2.8% of its shares after Fox Corporation improved its stock and said it could raise $ 47 over the next 12 months. Wells said the company is significant at risk for sports betting: “Our detailed sports betting analysis shows that stock prices are expected to rise from 17% to 34% over the next two years.”

– Contributed by CNBC Pippa Stevens, Tanya Makelle, Yun Lee, Maggie Fitzgerald, Tom Frank and Jesse Pound.

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