Astrology – Meet gas giants

By David Abube

This month is the perfect time to see Jupiter and Saturn. They are in the eastern sky when the sun goes down after sunset and often at night. They attract a lot of attention even when they are not visible, but how much do they know about these two gas giant planets? Here are some interesting facts that may surprise you

Jupiter is the king of the planets. Jupiter is so large that the planets and other planets, including the earth and all asteroids and satellites, can fit into space.

Saturn is the king of satellites. Yes, Saturn has so many satellites in the solar system at last count 82. Jupiter ranks 79th.

Jupiter has the largest satellite. Jupiter Satellite Gaming is even bigger than planet Mercury and our own moon.

Saturn is the smallest of the planets. Saturn’s total courage is even lower than that of water. By comparison, the earth is very dense.

Jupiter has the shortest “day” of all the planets. Jupiter rotates very fast, a full rotation takes less than 10 hours.

Saturn’s giant rings are very thin. When Saturn extends up to 180,000 miles, in most places it is only 30-300 feet[30-300 m]thick.

Jupiter’s Great Red is a beautiful place. As the largest and longest existing hurricane in the solar system, it is larger than the Earth.


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