ASSA ABLOY Launches ‘Improve Your Unlocks’ Program to Improve Health and Safety in Public Buildings – Safety Today

ASSA ABLOY launches ‘Improve Your Openness’ program to improve health and safety in public buildings

ASSA ABLOY has introduced the “Improve Your Openness” program to support institutional managers to address the changing needs of building residents. As businesses, offices, and schools continue to return to work, efforts are being made to create safer, healthier environments by integrating unconventional and automated solutions.

As part of the initiative, ASSA ABLOY is helping building managers understand three new trends affecting post-epidemic areas:

  • Fast-paced, safe, healthy and easy-to-access access to users, with more aggressive security measures
  • Strict adherence to the latest building standards, including the Disability Laws (ADA), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards and other building codes applicable to the authority and type of building.
  • Management of complex institutions due to the increasing number and complexity of building systems and safety

“As the economy continues to grow and facilities are reopened, demand for healthy, safe and accessible environments is increasing, and building complexity is becoming more complex,” said Ian McGrath, head of sales and marketing for the U.S. economy. , ASSA ABLOY Unlocking Solutions USA. ASSA ABLOY is an initiative to address the challenges of post-COVID utilities in offices, schools, hospitals and other public spaces that meet the ever-changing standards and standards.

ASSA ABLOY General Solutions may support:

Business Offices. Wireless technology is an essential option for improving the security of any facility, allowing you to add access to small-scale access controls at the cost of traditional solutions. As hybrid work models become more popular and employees come and go to informal programs, there may not be enough office space for each individual.


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