Asian stocks slumped lower than expected in the third quarter, according to Asian data. Fuel prices have risen

Singapore: As investors respond to key Chinese economic data, shares in Asia-Pacific traded higher on Monday.

In mainland China, Shanghai’s merger fell 0.35% in the afternoon, while S’s share fell 0.909%. The Hang Seng index in Hong Kong fell 0.31%.

China’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew 4.9% in the third quarter, according to official data on Monday. That was lower than analysts’ expectations for a 5.2% increase in Reuters opinion polls. Industrial production also missed 3.1% higher than expected in September, with a 4.5% increase in Reuters poll.

Elsewhere, Japan’s NikeK fell 225% to 0.29%, while its top index fell 0.33%. South Korea’s Cospi bought a little lower.

Shares are higher in Australia, growing by 0.1% on the S&P / ASX 200.

Outside Japan, MSCI-wide shares of MSCI fell 0.18%.

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Fuel prices have risen by more than 1%

Oil prices were higher in Asia during trading hours, with US crude gaining 1.53% to $ 83.54 a barrel. International Brent Dry Destiny’s futures rose 1.11% to $ 85.80 per barrel.

Shares of oil companies also grew on Monday, with Australian offshore energy rising 2.08% and Santos up 0.54%. In Japan, indexes grew 5.19%. CNOOC shares listed in Hong Kong also gained 1.15%.


The US dollar index, which tracks the green return from the peers’ basket, was at 94.102 after a recent weakening of more than 94.2.

The Japanese yen traded at $ 114.37 last week, weakening its greenback to 114.1. The Australian dollar traded lower at $ 0.7404, down from $ 0.732 last week.


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