Asian stocks are set to remain open; Crude Oil Jumping Markets Packing

(Bloomberg) – Asian stocks are set to open on Thursday after a slowdown in the US economy. Treasury produces great results.

The future is in the balance in Japan and Australia, but in Hong Kong, US contracts have improved. The S&P 500 posted the biggest jump since August, eliminating the 50-day moving average. Nasdak 100 came out. The dollar scale has slipped.

Brent crude oil prices have risen by $ 75 a barrel, according to a US government report.

The Chinese stock index floated on the sixth day in the US and US casino companies were exposed to Macau. Authorities have announced tight restrictions on operators at the Asian Games Center, reaffirming Beijing’s ceasefire. Traders are also watching the fate of the cash-strapped China Evergrande Group.

Investors will continue to assess the reopening of the economy in the wake of the Delta virus epidemic and high commodity prices and rising inflation-related supplies. The United Nations is expected to recover quickly in about five decades this year, but has warned of inequality between developed and developing countries.

“The growth of the global economy will continue to grow beyond the previous highs, despite the central bank’s liquidity, the growth in vaccine distribution and the delta gap,” he said. However, the market cycle, which is characterized by slowing economic and income growth, has begun to “slow down”.

President Joe Biden’s economic agenda is also being considered. The largest U.S. tax hike in its generation took a big step on Wednesday, with the House Roads and Roads Committee focusing on $ 2.1 trillion in new taxes, mostly on corporations and the rich.

Here are some of the highlights this week:

Four times a day for American markets, Friday

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Some major activities in the markets:


The S&P 500 futures have risen 0.1% since 7:05 a.m. in Tokyo. S&P 500 up 0.9% Nasdaq 100 is up 0.1% in the future. Nasdaq 100 Increased 0.8% NikeK 225 Future 0.3% Australian S and P / ASX 200 Indicators Added 0.4% Future Hang Sang Index The future has not changed much


The Japanese yen was traded at 109.37 US dollars. The yuan was bought at $ 6,4270.


Production on 10-year stocks rose two base points to 1.30%


West Texas Medium crude was $ 72.62 a barrel and $ 1,794.09 a month.

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