As oil demand grows – with geopolitical stress

Winter temperatures that support fuel demand Europe O’Connor’s influence is limited and could lead to another round of violence on Monday.

West Texas was a middleman 0.6 percent High in $ 84.30 When the holiday shopping stopped, the barrel, and Brent calmed down 0.4 percent as if $ 86.48 In barrels.

Oil is collected 10 percent So far this year, and Louise DixonSenior Oil Market Analyst by Rystad Energy“Positive changes in prices have entered the third week of January, and the drivers behind optimism are steadily shrinking by 2022.

“The weakening of the Omelon ion has increased the demand for oil for the year, and all of this supply picture is getting stronger with the declining production, especially in OPEC + countries.”

Including sanctions Iran Benefiting from the urgency of interest Javad OwjiThe Minister of Petroleum of the Islamic Republic of Iran said that the daily budget for the year 21 March has reached daily sales. 1.2 million Barrels.

It was also reported on Monday Norway Sold 1.38 trillion Kroner ($ 156 billion) Foreign exchange prices in 2021, a 77 percent It has made a full year of business profit 531 billion Kroner, according to Norwegian statistics, is the highest ever.

The Central Bank of Norway is reportedly contributing to higher interest rates on higher fossil fuels.

Monday’s gains are said to be overshadowed by signs of slowing economic growth. China (Gross domestic product) 4 percent Last quarter, the country’s weakest bank since early 2020) cut interest rates for the first time in almost two years.

For its part. Vitol Group Omikron is of the opinion that it will not have much of an impact on demand, and this, together with some of the world’s largest producers struggling to grow production this summer, could lead to supply problems – and oil prices could rise even further.

In the near future, bullying is expected to be fueled by geopolitical threats. Russia It attacks Ukraine If diplomacy fails, the former Soviet Union convenes. 100,000 Soldiers on the border of that country.


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