Artist Jodi King is about to launch a premium “Art Biz for Rebels” online course to help artists build businesses.

The courses offer specific business strategies that artists can use to create a rich business with multiple revenue streams.

I always believe that success is inevitable. At the end of the lesson, you will do the same. Of course, many of my students will return this investment before they officially end the program.

– Jodi King

Austin, Texas, USA, September 1, 2021 / Austin-based artist Jodie King announced today that he has signed up for his major online course, Art Biz for Rebels. The 12-week program features 16 modules carefully designed to launch their artists’ businesses, equipped with all the tools needed to explore the rapidly evolving market and digital landscape. She believed in the power of knowledge, and wanted to break down the economic gateway that had long dominated the most lucrative art galleries.

“I always believe that my success is inevitable,” said Jodi King. You do the same at the end of the Art Biz for Rebels course. Of course, many of my students will return this investment before they officially end the program.

The Art Biz for Rebels program lays the groundwork for artists to stop thinking of themselves as hobbies and begin to identify themselves as professionals, help them develop their own 360-degree marketing plan, and make sure they get out of the ground. The lesson is over. But the most valuable lesson is that Mantra has been pursuing Jodi King for the rest of her life as a magnet for rich businesses for decades. It is possible.

Almost everyone who is fortunate enough to learn from her proves this. “I have been trying to start my career as an artist for the last 5 years,” said one workshop participant. I did not know how much I needed someone to create a place where I could be wild and free. ”

Jodi encounters people who seem to have the talent, energy, and determination to create great wisdom, but who simply do not agree with the real deal. After seeing artists take their work to new heights, she was determined to see them sold, but she was shocked at how many people still stood by the idea that their art could not really be profitable. So, she created a course called Art Biz for Rebels.

There are limited places to protect your place during the Art Biz for Rebels fall session. You have until Friday, September 10, to receive a $ 2,497 discount. The standard price is $ 2,997.

About Jodi King –
Jodi King is a teacher, entrepreneur and professional artist, with many hybrids. Although she has about 20 art experiences in her belt, her Genesis business was not based solely on knowledge. Years ago, after a sudden professional and personal disagreement, Jodi found herself at a crossroads. Eventually, it all came down to one simple decision — to stay safe for years or to listen to the little noise she was slowly making in her chest. In the end, Jodi chose to listen inside, beating her power and novapitas more than ever before. However, when she first began to tell people about her long-term desire to pursue a career in the arts, she came across a logical community that had greeted artists for years. But how do you make money? Jodie, who does not spend much time thinking about the opinions of others, always works her way. She now wants to teach others how to do the same with three highly sought-after online courses, about 30,000 Instagram followers, Vogue broadcasts and workshops around the world.

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