Are you planning to go back to school in 2021/22?

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IT Carlo’s Lifelong Learning Faculty offers internationally recognized courses in a variety of disciplines and awards. This includes financially supported courses
Springboard + and July Stimulus Initiation. There is no better time to develop new skills or improve your existing skills. IT Carlo is one of the largest providers of Higher Education Lifestyle (LL) programs in the country. LLL enrollments currently account for more than 51% of the total student population, and the faculty operates on the Caro, Wexford and Wyclow campuses.

Springboard +
Springboard + provides up-to-90-funded tertiary college vacancies for job seekers and returnees, providing an opportunity for part-time study while continuing.
Lessons Available MSC Diploma in Drug Control, Diploma in Business International Business, Certificate in Purchasing Strategy (BS), BS Certificate in Energy Management (Building) and Web Design. Participants can embark on a lifelong learning journey by developing new skills that will ensure that their future endeavors will be worthwhile.

July stimulus
On July 24, 2020, a government announcement on the July Stimulus Package provided additional funding for higher education skills programs. The faculty
Lifetime Education is funded to run 11 Module programs (10 loan modules) starting September 2021. Students can take up to three courses on the list of financial aid programs offered if there is no overlap. Courses Industrial Microbiology and Biopharmaceuticals; Construction project management; CAD and 3D modeling (free); Health safety and nutrition (free); Effective leadership and change management; And organizational psychology and behavior.

Information night
Join the Lifetime Achievement Team on Tuesday, August 24th from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm for the full range of LL courses offered. You will have
Opportunity to learn about the various courses available, eligibility criteria and application process. The information session will be followed by a live question and answer session where the team will answer your questions. Register your interest for it tonight at

Full details of part-time courses are available here

You can send inquiries by email [email protected] Or call 059 9175280

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