Angry residents march in Brussels for the safety of pedestrians

Following the death of two children at a intersection in Antwerp, about 100 people gathered in St. Gilles to protest the road safety.

The march was organized by a group of associations, including the Grupe de Richche et decile de Cycleist Coutition (GRACQ), which represents French-speaking cyclists in Belgium.

“All citizens have the right to travel safely, regardless of the route of choice,” wrote GRACQ Florin Kugit.

One way to improve safety on our roads is to pay more attention to the most vulnerable road users in high-risk areas, such as intersections.

One of the most dangerous intersections in Brussels is Avenue Albert, in the woods, where a cyclist was killed earlier this year.

That intersection has already been reported to be dangerous for the Brussels Mobile Agency, and locals are even begging to install traffic jams.

“In Belgium, there are many accidents at major intersections designed to control traffic,” writes Kugit.

Active users who are not adequately considered by public authorities are the first victims.

Translation: Following the deaths of two children at a dangerous crossroads in Antwerp, many unions are working to demand more safety on our roads! Demonstrations are taking place in the St. Giles fence in Brussels.

At a rally in Brussels on Monday, participants sometimes took to the crossroads, explaining how safety should be a priority before traffic.

They chose the crossroads on the Stilles fence because they said it was particularly complicated for all users, as pedestrians, cyclists or drivers — and the long-promised redevelopment — is still pending.

“Now is the time to make clear choices to improve road safety,” Quinn said.

“We can no longer tolerate road damage. In the first quarter of 2021, 183 people were killed and 18,758 injured in our country, and politicians are talking about traffic and congestion. Often, ground choices do not provide adequate road safety.

The Brussels rally was organized by GRACQ, Fietsersbond, Heroes for Zero, Voetgangersbeweging, Greenpeace, Parents d’Enfants Victims de la Route and filter Café Filtré.

As people gathered in Brussels, other demonstrations took place in Flemish cities.

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