An explosion in a reading apartment took place before the fire, says Fire Marshal

On Tuesday afternoon, three people were injured, including a woman who set fire to an apartment on the second floor and was seriously injured.

“From what we have seen, we believe that there is an accumulation of natural gas in the building,” said Serphos at 225 N. 10th St.

Although the source of the blaze was unknown, Serphos could have seen any electronics in the second-floor apartment, investigators found evidence of an explosion in the south wall, and the entire building was structurally unstable.

The only occupant of the apartment was sleeping in her bedroom, and the fire was reported at 2:45 p.m. She found debris from her and started a fire around her.

“It’s a miracle that she’s out and she’s protecting our boys,” said Fire Chief Marshal.

The woman was first treated at the Reading Fire Department before being transported to the burning center at Leh Valley Hospital near Allenta.

Serphos said she had burns on her hands, feet and back.

“She’s really lucky to be alive,” he said. But she certainly has a way of recovering.

He did not provide her name, and information on her age was not immediately available.

According to Searfoss, Benko’s doors, which had been pressured by gas storage, were upstairs and firefighters had to move up the stairs as they entered the first floor.

Firefighters have also reported that natural gas has a strong odor, which is a chemical added to natural gas to give it a really rotten-egg odor.

Two residents of the one-storey apartment they were visiting were taken to the Reading Hospital for treatment by undiagnosed head and neck injuries.

According to Serphos, researchers believe that the source of gas is a leaking pipe that provides cooking stoves. You do not know if there was a slow or fast build; No one in the building smelled of natural gas.

Serphos said the building could be condemned and could not be saved.

The American Red Cross is assisting two of the three tenants of the three apartments in emergency housing and other needs.

Firefighters controlled the blaze within 20 minutes.

He said the fire was caused by a fire that broke out between several houses in a building, thanks to Serephos. The blaze quickly escalated before workers arrived and before the blaze was confined to the rubble near the building.

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