AML3D produces the world’s largest pressure pipeline for the oil and gas sector.

Additional Manufacturing Technology Company AML3D (ASX ፡ COLD AL3) is engaged in the offshore oil and gas sector by printing the world’s largest high pressure pipeline in 3D and approving it by the Lloyd Registrar.

WAM allows the room to be printed as a single piece and eliminates three separate sections using traditional textile and sewing techniques.

The process also introduced improved material properties using high-strength wire feeder and optimized parameters, reducing production time from months to days only.

The unit is part of the AML3D Internal Development Program and demonstrates the potential of the offshore oil and gas sector.

The test was performed by Trussap Engineering, a specialized South Australian company.

The process is freely certified and verified by Lloyd’s record.

Clearing the way

AML 3D Managing Director Andrew Sales hopes the project will pave the way for further work in the sector.

“Our proprietary WAM process will be able to showcase the capabilities and advanced test scores for this sector, opening the door for the most advanced applications,” he said.

“We are already in high demand from oil and gas players and we are discussing a number of issues [new] Opportunities “

Free-form printing

Wire additive production can be used to print metal parts in an open free-form production environment using local non-combustible gas.

The process does not require any closed parts and the construction size of each component is unlimited.

WAM is considered innovative, reducing production costs and eliminating traditional printing restrictions for 3D printing and reducing production time compared to conventional recording, forgery and machining.

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