Amit University launched MTech in defense technology to meet the requirements of the defense sector

Amiti University launches the country’s first MTech program in defense technology. The MTech in Defense Technology program is jointly launched by DRDO and AICTE.

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New Delhi: Amiti University launches first METEC program in defense technology The MTech in Defense Technology Program in Defense Technology has been launched by DRDO and AICTE on a national mission to generate the required human resource pool in the defense sector.

India is striving to increase its confidence in defense technology, including missiles, fighter jets, drones, naval systems, combat vehicles, radar, Sonar, high-powered equipment and guided energy systems, etc. New incentives by announcing two separate corridors in Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Many MNCs are setting up their R&D and manufacturing industries on the defensive. The Prime Minister’s Mission requires a pool of highly skilled and talented engineers and technologists in the defense sector of the Atmanrbhar Sea.

Metek in Defense Technology is helping to meet the growing demand in the growing defense sector. This program is designed to enable graduates to acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge, practical skills and competencies in a variety of defense technologies to conduct research, design and development, production, supply of life cycle equipment, and entrepreneurship. ), Counseling and counseling roles in defense. The expanded supply is also designed to meet the market demand for specialized technical and engineering leadership skills.

MTech in Defense Technology at AMETU University specializes in specialized courses in combat vehicle engineering, aerospace technology, communication systems and sensors, advanced power equipment technology, naval technology and guided energy technology. This course provides a great opportunity for small and large projects in DRDO laboratories, defense PSUs and private industries to create job-ready defense technology professionals.

According to W Selvamurthy, President – Amit Science, Technology and Innovation Foundation (ASTIF), this course is intended for students who have successfully completed B.Tech in the field of engineering and technology and are looking for the next step in their career. A Master’s Program to Improve Their Careers ”

He also announced that the curriculum will include a new special program to develop comprehensive education and research courses that are in line with current and future defense industry needs. AMIT has a strong interface with Diode, PSU and Private Sector Industries, and national and international partnerships with world-renowned universities. Amiti is winning to reduce this important manpower in defense.

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