Amazon’s former security chief now guards the Line 3 oil pipeline

Workers at the Inbridge Energy Terminal in Upper Wisconsin, as seen in June 2018.

Workers at the Inbridge Energy Terminal in Upper Wisconsin, as seen in June 2018.
Photo: Jim Mon / File (A.P.)

The person who raised the security for the oil transportation company Enbridge, is currently Indestructible protest movement On Line 3 pipeline, Has previously helped Exxon protect its operations in Nigeria and control Amazon’s global security.

Of Hacking has recently been reported Troy Kirby, the head of security at Enbridge, probably wrote the same book Organizational Anti-Violence Tactical experts say there are power companies Applies to local advocates In recent years.

Kirby’s LinkedIn page shows Prior to joining Enrique in 2019, he spent three years as head of corporate security for Amazon. Documents written in that last year Found by Deputy Amazon’s security, led by Kirby, shows that social media posts are under the control of organizers and local activists. Amazon has been sent by the well-known Pinkonton Agency to investigate labor reports at an institution in Poland.

For at least four years before his stay at Amazon, Intercessor reported that Kirby worked for Exxon as a consultant on “strategic security measures” in Nigeria. Responsibilities on the site have been deleted on Kirby’s LinkedIn page, but the previous version of the page shows a combination of crises, including pirate attacks, kidnappings, and “community protests.” Listed achievements included “[Establishing] “Nigeria-based security network” and “host government security forces”, including the “Maritime Maritime Operations Center, which is guarding Exxon’s coastal oil terminals.”

Many items on Kirby’s LinkedIn, including job details on Amazon and Exxon Mobile, have since disappeared. His page He says only now He is the chief security officer for the energy company.

Here are some of the lessons Kirby brought to help build Enrique Line 3 in Minnesota Payments for local police forces Their role in preventing opposition from interfering in construction, the enterprise wrote. It has a bridge He also trained the police And received invitations to police surveillance meetings where local activists’ details were discussed and shared between agencies. Local agencies, such as the Aitkin County Sheriff’s Office, are in dire straits Tracked social media activity To sue prominent activists. The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has developed a special Encridge-supported escrow account Based on the information, Kirby Enbridge confirmed to the local sheriff who was responsible for determining the refund of time and equipment for local authorities guarding Line 3.

There is another Amazon connection, the hijacker wrote. Pincorton, a company owned by Pinnacle, is also one of the top 3 private security providers.

They are not private companies that take action against opponents. Many states under the control of right-wing governments have drafted legislation targeting Indigenous and other local dissidents. This year the Montana Legislature Math al passed l Following the lead of three other states that have appointed other pipelines, anyone found guilty of “vandalism” could face a fine of up to $ 150,000 and up to 30 years in prison. Critical infrastructure And so they interfere with their work and carry severe penalties for those convicted.

The oil companies and politicians have pushed back against the indigenous opposition. A Recent Report Investigates 21 protests against domestic oil and gas infrastructure Key Stone XL, Dakota Access, And Line 3 pipelines, As well as more ambitious projects such as the proposed Rio Grande natural gas export terminal in Texas and the San Juan oil and gas pipeline in New Mexico. Analysts say they have succeeded in stopping 1.6 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions in the United States and Canada, compared to about 24% of annual greenhouse gas emissions. The resistance on pipelines alone is equivalent to 779 million tons of carbon dioxide.

New oil and gas exploration It should end next year To protect us From the effects of climate change. Led by the natives Activities have been shown to be incredible Effective to turn the tide, But it is a clear oil and as Companies are making all the stops to fossil fuels.

Although spokeswoman Julie Keller told the station that “security forces used the concept of ‘first people’ to ensure public safety,” their mission was to monitor, respond, and report on security issues.


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