Amazing Guest of the Week Alibaba EV: Solar-powered 2-seater e-bike in endless range

My two interests are electric bicycle projects and DIY solar powered projects. In fact, I wrote the book on both topics. So these two fields took me a whole week to see them combined into one amazing-Christmas product. I hope you enjoyed it as you dive into this strange electric bike / car junction into two huge solar panel deals to an unlimited range!

Alibaba is one of the weirdest, most amazing and exciting electric vehicles I have ever seen buying in a window at one of the most amazing digital savings stores in the world. And now this week’s most amazing guest is the Alibaba Electric Vehicle is officially honored!

We have seen solar-powered bicycles in the past, but they are often designed with some serious treadmill requirements. Even large panels with low power means that drivers still need to provide some significant foot support.

But this giant electric bike – a faulty, three-wheeled one – has a huge roof with a total of 600 watts of power and five 120 watts of solar panels. Instead of being dragged behind a bicycle, wearing a hat would solve the problem of panel size.

Keep in mind that you will only get a maximum of 400W or 450W of real power under ideal conditions, but that is still a lot considering the size of the engine.

The bike is equipped with only a small 250 watt rear motor, so even the dripping sun should give you as much power as it drains from the battery. That means you have basically unlimited territory until sunrise.

And even at sunset, this solar-powered e-bike is generously packed with a 60V and 20Ah battery with a capacity of 1,200 Wh. The batteries seem to be loaded on the two rear trains, so we may be looking at a pair of 60V10Ah packs in parallel.

If you take a continuous 250W picture, it will run for about five hours after sunset. Cut out your bedroom design and bathroom properly and you will be able to travel across the country for weeks without having to connect. And the pair of pedals next to the driver means you can theoretically walk on your own, especially if you run out of juice after a long cloud. Or you can take an electric generator with you to fill it with flies! Or you can slap a cheap second 60V20 H-bike. Chances are endless like the sun! (About 5 billion years older than them).

The solar panel also provides plenty of shade and provides mounting, even for high-intensity headlights.

Hanging under a tent is not the same as two non-rotating style chairs on a cross-country trip. Unfortunately, it is possible to stand shoulder to shoulder with your vehicle partner while traveling at a low speed of 30 km / h (18 miles per hour).

It is not clear how the steering wheel works when the rear wheel looks flat and the front wheels do not have an ax or a steering wheel. Perhaps those details, along with any lack of brake accessories associated with that brake lift, could be a hint of this incomplete interpretation. Either you or you can drive like a boat and apply the brakes like Fred Flintstone.


I want to click that orange button so badly!

One of my favorite parts of this solar electric bike is the price – only $ 1,550! Many of my favorite solar-powered e-bikes cost more, and they only fit one rider!

Alibaba’s only minimum order quantity is 100 units.

To make matters worse, I found a scripture worth about $ 36,000 to send to the United States. So for a hundred units for $ 191,000, I might just want to start my own solar competition league and sponsor to pay the bill.

You know, if this is true is there.

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