Amazing Guest of the Week Alibaba EV: An electric car with a small truck bed for teens

Admittedly, trucks provide heavy equipment. Who doesn’t want a 2 × 4 load bed across the yard? But not everyone needs the usual overcrowded truck, and so I can admire the beauty of the Chevy El Camino and the Ford Ranchee. It is like a truck.

But what if you want a truck with a weeeee small car? Oh, and you want it to be electric. And cheap when they all go out. Well then go to Alibaba and check out this week’s Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle, the unusual little four-wheeler I found this week.

The car appears to be known as the “JST” on the product page, known as the SUV.

As long as S doesn’t stop being stupid, then I’m not sure the judge is right.

Unless the 3.2m (10 ′ 6 ″) long car has no brakes – or really no rear. There is a truck like a pickup truck, but it is only one foot long.

It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. And that’s it.

The JST car is surprisingly small, but I love it. In fact, it looks more like a luxury car than the one you can buy in China for $ 7,200.

But let’s not laugh too hard. Just because a car is uniquely balanced does not mean it is out of order.

The cargo bed is short, but it is fully featured, including a proper backrest.

The bed will only get longer if you pull the tail rod down. That makes it perfect for carrying 2 × 4 inches long, rather than the bottom of an object.

Or if you have very few friends, you can use it to download the big game. Probably some socially isolated tails, where everyone gets their own little car.

If I didn’t eat too much, I could see up to two partners as a JST car as a small grocery store.

And remember, this little, strange little car is not just a truck. He is a little, a little strange Electric Car-car.

This means that you can easily drive a dinosaur oil knowing that it will not burn. In fact, the small 7 kWh battery is as small as a light electric motorcycle and can be charged using solar power if you want.

The only problem is that stacking solar panels on the back of the bed can be too much for this little traveler.

At least it may have the power to attract them, for example. A 5 kW (6.7 hp) engine is probably best for a 680 kg (1,500 lb) vehicle. Normally I worry about overheating the car by filling the bed, but the JST has a convenient anti-load feature. There is not enough space in bed for something more serious.

It also ensures that you do not travel too fast on a high speed at 60 km / h (37 miles). You can go down 40 miles with a little downhill and prayer, but don’t expect them to get anywhere fast.

Although it is good for me. With this good looking car, I prefer to drive low and slow to give people what they want – a good long-term view of the future of automotive emissions.

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