AM News Brief – Summit County Emergency Proclamation, Oil and Gas Rental Appeal and Science Translate to Navajo

Tuesday morning, August 17, 2021


Representation is random

According to Jerit Howe of the Bureau of Legal Research and the General Adviser, the states of Salt Lake, Utah and Washington could see the biggest change in the form of their state legislature. The population in some It has exploded in Southwest Salt Lake County, northwest Utah County, and western Washington County over the past decade. Now the state has to make it smaller so that they will be approximately the same size as the people around it. This can lead to a crisis because the surrounding areas need to attract more people – this can make those secondary ones much bigger. Read the full story. – Sonja Hutson

Northern Utah

Summit County Emergency Proclamation

Summit County declares state of emergency in response to wildfire in Parley Canyon The county manager needs additional assistance in Summit County’s response and rehabilitation efforts. The fire now covers 21% of the 539 acres. However, for most of North and Central Utah, the Red Flag warning applies from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. After two weeks of thunderstorms, thunderstorms can cause particularly dangerous lightning. Evacuation orders have been extended in Summit County units. According to the Sheriff’s Office, Upper Pinerock will be extended until Wednesday night and orders for Summit Park and Timberline will remain until Thursday night. Release order for Low Pinerock was lifted on Monday. The American Red Cross opened its doors Monday night to help residents fleeing the Parlius Canyon fire and seeking shelter for pets. – Pamela McColl / Elaine Clark

Utah recovering from crocodile attack

During a presentation, a crocodile entered her yard and a gourd jumped out of it and helped release it from its jaws. A worker at a Utah breeding center is recovering. A guest video shows an unidentified supervisor biting into the water in Scales & Tails Utah, West Valley City, talking to crocodiles on Saturday. The video shows one of the guests climbing on top of the crocodile. Another guest then helped the supervisor escape from the pool. Reproductive Center neon Richins said the supervisor is recovering after surgery. – Associated Press

Region / Nation

Talking Science In Diné Bizaad

Communicating scientific concepts in the Navajo language can be challenging because there is not always a definite meaning to the words. Sterling Martin is a Navajo citizen working in PhD in biophysics. Martin Project Establishes ENABLE – Enhancing Navajo as a Biology Language for Education With the help of fluent speakers, he translated more than 250 words into Navajo, including the nucleus and the DNA. Martin hopes that the new words will be used in classrooms and laboratories and will facilitate better communication on issues such as climate change and the COVID-19 epidemic. He is working to compile the words into an online dictionary. – Savana Mahar, Mountain West News Office

The Biden administration has appealed the decision to lease oil

The Biden administration is appealing a federal judge’s order banning new oil and gas leases on federal land and water. The federal judge, based in Louisiana, sided with the state attorney general and other officials in 12 states. Those states have said the administration has failed to implement the bureaucratic measures needed to approve the embargo, and money and jobs are in jeopardy. Leasing programs are responsible for high greenhouse gas emissions because the Biden administration said Monday’s break was important. He added that the rent will continue during the appeal. – Associated Press

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