Alum has been appointed Deputy Dean of the University of Uganda – College of Engineering News


Alma, an Iowa State University, hopes to continue to connect with Alma’s student by establishing partnerships in his new role as CEO of the new Faculty of Science and Technology at Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Uganda.

Dennis Bosa He has been appointed FAST Vice-Chancellor of Mbarara University, an estimated college of engineering at Awwa State University. Prior to his appointment in September, he served as Chair of the University’s Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MAI). In addition to his administrative role, he will continue to serve as a Senior Lecturer (US Assistant Professor) at MIE.

“This new appointment by Deputy Dean confirms my belief that everything is possible as long as you believe in yourself,” he said.

In this new capacity, the priority will be to increase research and community access, he said. He also hopes to improve the career of the faculty by encouraging many to pursue a PhD. Programs. According to Bbosa, this will improve students’ learning outcomes.

Another goal is to establish partnerships with international organizations, so I want to partner with Almaye Iowa State University, which is known for its strong teaching, research and access to services, and especially for the College of Engineering. he said.

Bosa holds a PhD. In Mechanical Engineering as well as Agriculture and Bios Systems Engineering (focusing on biorecommission and resource technology) and energy systems engineering, all from Iowa State University. In addition to Mackerel University in his native Uganda, B.Sc.

The exposure to Iowa State University came as he completed his elementary education Thomas J., Mary and Charles Sukup Global Professor of Food Safety, Iowa

“I read about the university and I liked it because my research interests were well established in terms of engineering and renewable energy,” Bobosa said.

Dennis Bobosa (dressed in red) will perform at a community event.

As a graduate student, Bobos also worked closely Robert C. Brown, Anson Marston in Engineering and Gary and Donna Hoover in Mechanical Engineering, and Mark Maba-Wright, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Bobosa said he learned a lot from these counselors, especially in terms of supervising graduate students and writing ideas.

Bobosa has joined the Iowa State American Association of Agricultural and Biological Engineers and the Gamma Sigma Delta, an agricultural community. He is a graduate and professional student representative of the Senate Department of Agriculture and Bios Systems Engineering. He taught classes in heat transfer and bioremediation systems, and In 2016, he received an Iowa Excellence Teaching Excellence Award.

He has participated in various renewable energy research projects in cooking stoves, irrigation, wells, energy audits and efficiency and post-harvest engineering. Mba-Wright’s dissertation examines the impact of climate change on climate change, and then affects food chains, wildlife, human life, and more.

Considering his experience in engineering education in the United States and Uganda, Bobosa noted the similarities and differences between the two countries.

“When engineering education solves problems, it is easy to see the difference between the two,” said Bobosa. But I think engineering education in Uganda is more theoretical than practical engineering education in the United States. This may be due to the economic development differences between the two countries.

In addition to his teaching and administrative work in Mbarara, Bbosa is a consultant with his company Engineering Engineering. His responsibilities include overseeing projects and establishing relationships with other companies through joint bidding.

With all his experience, Bbosa said he is confident in his ability to train today’s engineers for tomorrow’s workforce.

“As a deputy dean, I look forward to the new responsibilities and challenges I face,” Bobosa said. I know the time I have spent at Iowa State University has done a great job in preparing me for this role and moving forward, and I look forward to continuing to work with counselors and the University who have done so much for me.

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