All kinds of goodwill and incentives are carefully abused – oped

In thermal power plant investments, basic engineering is important along with local engineering. All young engineers can work on basic design with the help/supervision/support of experienced engineers. We believe that more support should be given to our young engineers. We believe it is important to allocate more funds/money/more software/hardware/research support for them, allocate more money for Master/PhD/Post-doctoral research and see this as a long-term national policy.

So make your own design in heat generators. Do not leave the basic design to others. Basic design is currently a simple software application issue. Any good engineer who can use a computer can do it.

A lot can be done with local engineering capabilities. Because everyone in the world, every engineering faculty/every thermodynamics course student, takes the same thermodynamics/heat transfer courses, uses the same software/hardware, and the concepts of enthalpy, entropy, and kinetic energy are the same everywhere.

In this way, Turkey may have the thermal power generation technology that it has been working on for years, but it still has not been able to develop its own design/technology. At the same time, we should be able to produce wind turbines and hydraulic turbines by ourselves, the largest domestic scale.

The basic designs of these heat generators are now a matter of software. There are many on the market. If an engineer can upload the software to his computer, he can easily use that software. If he takes a course in thermodynamics, he can create a basic design of a thermal power plant with many options, calculate the first data necessary for market research.

Then they go to the international market and buy gas turbine, steam turbine, steam boiler, pump, cooling system, fan, dust filter, flue gas desulfurization system, instrumentation and control systems from any well-known manufacturer. You will come together under the supervision of an experienced project manager and field engineer. Everyone in the world does this, and then sells it for 3-4 times the price with a translator key.

In the past, the public sector gave priority to foreign investors due to financial needs, and bought “cheaper” “cheap” heat generators of Far Eastern design/production, inefficient and of poor quality. Available” These are no longer needed.

Old power plants could not adapt to domestic fuel and environmental conditions, they became old quickly. The foreign companies that designed and manufactured those power plants no longer exist, have either gone bankrupt or been acquired by others. Western European and North American companies can no longer sell expensive equipment. Foreign-made environmental equipment created at high costs. Dust container electrostatic filters have grown, flue gas desulfurization equipment has become a must. Large ash dams have been added to the scope of the project.

In some local thermal power plants, there is still no ash dam, the ash is stored in the mine or on the field, when the wind blows on the field, the ash remains everywhere. The new method is to bury the ashes in a coal mine. Failure to complete these investments is a bigger mistake than understanding.

Similarly, in some old thermal power plants, the exhaust dust filter is small, the current small filters cannot hold enough dust. Adequate exhaust emission values ​​cannot be reached in compliance with European regulations. Flue gas desulfurization facilities should not work without thermal power plants.

It is always better for us/engineers to strictly enforce environmental regulations. We make large dust filters. We build better flue gas desulfurization plants. We build better soot removal systems, bigger ash dams. More design, better design, more innovation, more on-site meetings, more jobs for us and those who work with us, more money, better living conditions for our families and children.

Local NGOs should be active as monitors, supervisors and guides. It is necessary to produce more electricity for material development, thinking about them is not only for our engineers, but social, intellectual, intellectual and cultural development is important for society, which are everyone’s anyway.

Investment is meaningless if it does not create jobs. Don’t give an example of “like this in Germany, like this in America, even like Uganda.” Their situation varies from apples to pears.

Although renewable energy sources cannot immediately close the country’s energy deficit, it can contribute to the sector in a delayed manner. They cannot be foundation plants. Solar generators do not work at night. Large uncultivated areas are required for solar power plants. If the wind does not blow, the wind farms will stop. Heat generators are always needed, they can be activated and heated immediately on demand after not providing power.

You cannot solve your energy needs with wind and solar alone. Quick/easy solutions are not as simple as they seem. Long-term policies are important and environmental technology should have its place in these policies.

Large-scale energy storage is expensive. About half of the stored energy is lost. We do not yet have a large scale pumped hydroelectric power storage system in our country.

It has been neglected for years that domestic oil/coal can only be better utilized by domestic engineering designs. Foreign companies build the power plant, complete the work after completing the test work, get the final approval and leave. As with most domestic heat generators, the operator is left alone with the problems of the generator.

If this power plant is built by an indigenous company, it should be effective in the country at all times, at every maintenance, at every breakdown, to the satisfaction of the investor, by carrying out proper/effective/scheduled maintenance and repairs. You can’t get out. A failed local company cannot get work from anywhere. For this reason, “domestic technology, domestic design and domestic company” are important for domestic coal.

Recently, we are under the influence of the great international economic crisis due to the war in Ukraine. Countries try to reduce their dependence on oil. They try to increase their renewable resources. Global capacity utilization is declining. Global unemployment is rising. All this covers a certain period of time, and finally, the war will pass, it will end. Turkey’s energy needs will never end. Given this huge domestic demand, the current supply is insufficient/will not be sufficient for long.

Our work is “Risk Assessment”. We “determine risk” and manage the investor and more importantly the financial institution that provides the project loan to the investor. Everyone likes and gives good news, the key is to be able to deliver it with hard problems, risk analysis, hard solutions and most importantly, early.

Thermal power plant cannot be built in agriculture/forestry/defense/tourism regions/investment permit should not be granted. Local farmers should not be victimized. The calorific value of domestic coal is very low, in order to burn our weak domestic coal in thermal power plants, it is necessary to increase the calorific value first. For this work, it is necessary to reduce the amount of water by heating and evaporating moisture.

Most of our old thermal power plants have run out of coal, underground exploration has started everywhere to find new coal reserves, the power plants are already old, they have to be dismantled and sold as scrap. Efforts to find and burn new coal seem futile. It is not right to destroy the surrounding olive trees and to destroy historical sites for new coal fields.

Thermal power plants should be built with high domestic production, incentives should be given to domestic coal-fired power plants if they are to be given, indeed no incentives should be given other than the standard general tax reductions applicable to regular energy investments. Unnecessary burden on the treasury should not be taken. “All kinds of goodwill and incentives are carefully misused.” This is the case all over the world.

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