Albums taken by Lord MDA for Melodrama

Solar energy can only take over the mind.

New Zealand pop star Lord Albummo says they are related to the drugs she uses when creating them – her first album of 2013 “Pure Hero” of alcohol. 2017 “Melodrama” MDM; And the most recently released “solar power” is cannabis, she told Vogue.

Initially, he planned to make “solar energy” an LSD-based record.

“I thought I was going to make this big acid record, but I don’t think it’s an acid album. I had a bad acid experience with this album and it was ‘Meh, it’s a weed album’. It’s one of my biggest weed albums, ”she told the New York Times.

“More than drugs,” solar energy “is really about the Lord’s re-emergence of the natural world, she told Vogue. Its connection to Earth followed the complete disconnection of the social network in 2018 following its disconnection from technology.

“I felt it would be very bad for the job and for me,” she told Vogue in an October coverage story. “I don’t think I’ve met a lot of people who have been positive on social media. It is producing insane chemicals that create crazy neurons that are not based on positivity. They do not want to be shaken, and I know for a fact that abstinence is a great privilege, a social right, and an economic right. But I think we need to be on the lookout for things that will make us sick as a society. ”

In addition to receiving social media, Lord fights for her own reputation.

“I am a very emotional person,” she told the magazine. “I was not built for pop life. Living in public is something I find very difficult and something I am not good at. That natural trait does not belong to me. I have a brain in the hyena. ”


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