Al Gor ‘mourns’ time to say goodbye to coal, oil and gas’

Former Vice President Al Gore calls for “goodbye to coal, oil and gas” to fight global climate change in a video released ahead of the upcoming COP 26 global warming summit on Friday.

According to the latest data from the US Energy Information Administration, oil, gas and coal account for 79% of US energy consumption. Nuclear energy supplies 9% of US energy, and renewable energy accounts for 12%.

Gore called on government and private sector leaders to “reduce” greenhouse gas emissions immediately and to “be realistic” about moving from fossil fuels to “clean” energy.

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In August 2017, former Vice President Al Gore appeared at the Adlon Hotel in Berlin for the Inconvenient sequel: Truth to Power.
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“We are on the political edge now,” he warned in the video. “A window is being closed to limit the temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius. But we have solutions to this problem.”

“Now is the time to say goodbye to coal, oil and gas around the world, and to do so is to support people and communities that are traditionally based on these industries,” Gore said.

Gor also called on rich nations, which are most responsible for polluting our environment, to make meaningful contributions to help vulnerable countries build their resilience to climate change and deploy green solutions to create jobs.

He urged rich countries and private sector investors to be committed to “accelerating climate finance for developing countries.”

(US Energy Information Administration)

Former United States Vice President Al Gore has attended the UK Premier League "Uncomfortable follow-up power for truth" August 2017 at Somerset House in London, England

Former United States Vice President Al Gore attended the UK Premier League’s “Uncommon Follower Force for Truth” in August 2017 in London, England.
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