Air Water Inc. and Elementary Industry Gases Limited Parts

A.D. In 2013, the Osaka-based AWI gained 51 percent of its headquarters in Ellenberry, California.

Japan’s industrial gas giant AirWatt Inc. (AWI) and its Indian partner Elenberry Industrial Gas Limited (EGL) have parted ways after eight years of working together in India.

A.D. In 2013, the Osaka-based AWI gained 51 percent of its headquarters in Ellenberry, California. On Monday, EIGL advertisers said the company had received a share of the Japanese equivalent of an undisclosed amount of money.

Following the transaction, EIGL will become the only Indian-owned industrial gas company. EIGL was the focus of the second CV-19 outbreak in May, which raised medical oxygen demand. It is the fourth largest gas producer in the country after Linda, Innoc and Air.

EGIL Director Varun Agar said the departure of AWI will not affect the company’s growth plans. “We are a debt-free company that is doubling its capacity and transition in the second half of 2022-23,” he said.

The company has manufacturing facilities in Vienna, Uluriaria, Carapace and Panagar in Bengal and South India.

With a 250 quintal investment and a capacity of 600 million tons per day, it began work on a large expansion in Kornol, Andra Pradesh.

This plant, which has a steel anchor customer as an anchor. It is expected to be distributed in the second half of 2022 and will meet the growing customer base in Andhra Pradesh, Telaga and Carthage.

As EGIL moves forward with its plans, AWI is offering the only plans in the country. When Linde and Prakyer joined the international merger, the companies had to sell some of their equipment to meet the requirements of the Indian Competition Commission.

A.D. In 2019, it purchased three plants from Linda, including one from the JSW Steel plant.

After much deliberation in the Singapore Court, the Court of Appeal and arbitration, the two parties decided to separate from the Japanese company without any opposition from an Indian partner to work alone in India.

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