After the EPA gas leaks, it goes from house to house in a flat rock to determine the amount of smoke

Flat Rock, Mic. -Officials of the United States Environmental Protection Agency measure toxic gasoline from house to house in a flat rock on Thursday.

The gas came from an underground oil spill at a nearby Ford Motor Company.

E.P.P. As the investigation progressed, more than 1,000 homes were displaced by flat rock units.

E.P.P. Monitoring atmosphere gas analyst – one of the two mobile laboratories in the country – in flat rock. Authorities are using it to separate smoke from the Ford Factory.

The Michigan Environmental Protection Agency, Great Lakes and Energy has been inspecting the leak.

Smoke was found in flat rock sewers and houses on Monday, August 30. Two days later, on Wednesday, September 1, EGLE officials visited the Ford Flat Rock assembly plant as part of the smoke detection.


“When EGLE was there, Wednesday was part of a walk. EGLE was accessible to anyone involved in gas stations, perfume and gasoline detection. When we left on Wednesday, we didn’t see anything, because it was underground.

The next day, Thursday, September 2, investigators returned to the Ford Factory after receiving an unsolicited notice from EGLE staff regarding the leak.

“We had some unfamiliar advice,” Greenberg said. We went back to Ford and when we arrived, they said, ‘Oh, we have reported the pollution emergency report to EGLE.’

Ford said on Wednesday, September 1, that it had found the liquid, but believed it was in the plant.

EGLE, as part of its investigation, is responding to Ford’s request to allow them to use paint to paint their sewer pipes. Dyeing can help determine the exact route of gasoline into a municipal sewer system and inform steps to prevent such an event from happening again.


EGLE has provided a liaison with Ford Motor Company, which requires a full and in-depth investigation into the leaks and conditions, and to provide daily updates to EGLE on the investigation. EGLE says most of this is already being done by Ford.

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