After opening his three clubs to the New Jersey Tertiary, the renewed Rory McIlroy used three new clubs to tie the BMW champions.

OWINGS Mills, Md-Rory McIlroy seems to have got a good 3-stick.

And a second wind.

And a new distributor and driver.

Three days after attempting to throw the 3-pole into the jersey of the Northern Territory, McLeroy used an old 3-pole in the garage to shoot 285 yards to 10 feet.Th He knocked for the first eagle in 516 holes in the FedEx Cup qualifiers, in Thursday’s first round of BMW Championships in a soft, hot cave valley club.

And if McLeroy said on Wednesday that he had played too much golf this season and needed to rest for a while, he looked to be on the strong side. He now wants to take the lead in the FedEx Cup.

McLeroy shot 8-46 to take the lead with World No. 1 John Rahman and Sam Burns. The shot was by Sergio García. The two returned were Abraham Ancer and Patrick Cantley. Dustin Johnson, Xander Schauffele, and North Trust winner Tony Finaw were among the three.

I moved on to a game of chess that was always in that lead team. You are one, two or three at FedExCup, and that could take a toll on them in a few weeks, ”said McLeroy, 28.Th In the stairs (only the top 30 heights). “I’m in a situation where I need to play well just to play next week. I think there is a part of the free wheel.

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And the object of power; I was very tired yesterday. But you get a good night’s sleep and you feel a little better the next day and you can go out and play well. Another good night’s sleep and wake up, go back to the golf course and try to do the same thing I did today. ”

McLeroy spent hours on the Cave Valley driving the area trying to find a new 3-pole and a new driver (the old one made the ball spin a lot). He went with a spider model and changed chemists.

On Monday night after North Trust, I went home, went down to Florida, went into the garage and argued a few different things, I got my old terry back, I got my old 3-stick, I took out a few rods, I tried different rods in the driver’s seat, in the driver’s new rod. , And it seems to be successful today, ”said McLeroy. “It’s not like I’m driving too hard. I had a driver who felt like he was spinning a little bit, so I hit him in the wind twice last week and the balloon rises in the air and then if I want to try to hit the cut, I didn’t feel very happy because I missed the cut so far. If I want to find a driver who rotates a little, it will be more convenient for me to focus on the left side. ”

And this course allows McLeroy to eat the big dog he eats.

McLeroy, who hit 13 of 14 fair ways, said: “It allows you to hit the driver first. “I think there are a lot of courses on 300, 310 yards right now. It does not allow long attackers to hit the driver much; Last week was a great example of that. When you get such a big golf course that allows big attackers to hit the driver, that’s usually a big advantage.

“It’s good that the driver is in your hands and you can let him fly a little.”


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