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Approximately 15,000 students enter the MBBS / BDS courses each year for the National Competency Entrance Examination (NEET), of which 50% are eligible. Obviously, many students may not qualify for the NEET exam, but they want to study courses in health care and medicine.

To help them, here are some medical courses that students can take without having to pass the NEET exam.

B.Tech Biomedical

BEC holds a four-year bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering and may pursue a bachelor’s degree in science or 12 or more.

This course offers a variety of jobs, including biomedical technician, biomedical engineer and biochemist.

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy is an academic course graduated in the field of pharmacy. In many countries, candidates must have a degree to practice as a pharmacist. In this program, students will study drug methods and procedures and learn how drug and drug distribution works.

This course will open the door for candidates to join pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, herbal industry or clinical research organization (CRO) in various fields such as production, quality control, R&D and marketing.

In Psychology BA

A bachelor’s degree in psychology is a three-year undergraduate degree program. Like other medical courses, candidates from the arts and business streams can attend this course. BA offers opportunities in various fields of psychology such as criminal justice, counseling and social work.

B.Sc in nutrition

A Bachelor of Science in Nutrition is a three-year undergraduate program that focuses on a variety of nutrition aspects and nutritional values. The course examines the national value of human food products. At B.S.C. Nutrition and Nutrition You can pursue a career as a nutritionist in hospitals and health clinics, health centers and MNCs.

Candidates Maharashtra Government MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B. Pth.), Occupational Therapy (B. Oth.), Bachelor of Audiology, Speech and Language Pathology (BASLP), Prosthetics and Orthotics Bachelor & O) and B.Sc. Nursing.

Information on NEET 2020 Advertising As a Maharashtra Government In addition to MBBS / BDS, NEET (UG) 2020 points should be considered for following UG courses in Maharashtra State. Offered in the state of Maharashtra – BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B. Pth.), Bachelor of Arts (B. Oth.), Bachelor of Audiology, Speech and Language Pathology (BASLP), Bachelor of Prosthetics and Orthotics (BP&O) and B.Sc. Nursing. “

With the above courses, students can attend the following courses without qualifying for the NEET exam. The duration of the undergraduate programs listed below may vary from one person to another.

  • First degree in physiotherapy
  • B.Sc by heart rate
  • B.Sc in Microbiology
  • BSC in Biotechnology
  • BSC in Cardiovascular Technology
  • Both (Professional Therapy Bachelor)


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