AFIMSC eLearning expands the platform to total power

Of Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center With the re-launch of the RedVector eLearning platform, the Workforce Directorate has made it accessible to additional airlines and guardians to provide extensive support for job-oriented training requirements, professional certification and licensing.

RedVector offers up to 2,000 courses for professional skills development, series of credit credits, and further education and career development classes.

Certificates for titles in the National Fire Protection Association, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Americans with Disabilities, Wealth Protection and Recovery, Environmental and Energy, Building and Design Codes, for those in the installation and mission support community. Project management, utilities, contractor, engineering, architect and heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

“We are constantly looking for new options to further develop our installation and mission support professionals,” said Robert Jackson, director of AFIMSC staff. “We have seen the success of this platform with limited capacity, especially with civil engineers, and we will now make it available to a wider audience as we continue to monitor the organizational excellence enterprise.

Of Air Force Civil Engineer Center He first tested the platform for 20 students in 2012 Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. After the first pilot, AFCEC continued to expand the program until 2017, and AFIMSC strengthened all training programs under the Department of Labor Development.

Felix Colon, Program Manager, recognized Redvector’s potential and introduced it to the Air Force Directorate’s Directorate to increase its capacity and close the Air Force’s overall training funding gap.

“We need to review our annual training needs every year and I see an opportunity to expand this to a wider audience,” Colon said. “I brought the idea to the Deputy Chief of Air Staff as part of the challenging program, and he liked it. Therefore, AFIMSC and HAF (Energy Development Directorate) have partnered in a new agreement to provide additional funding for the program and to initiate this real-world energy training.

Since its re-launch in April, Redvector has confirmed the price and provided cost savings to the Air Force. The average cost of a trip and one day per student is $ 4,700 per course, excluding tuition. Offering similar courses online, Revvector He saved $ 6.4 million in 2020 and another $ 1.9 million since April, he added.

“Colon is facilitating training opportunities to increase resilience, preparedness, and organizational knowledge with the full force of equipment,” he said.

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