Advanced Eagle Imaging and Skynetwest Soaring are one to launch eagle technologies

The joint venture allows customers in the United States to use aerial mapping, inspection, survey and general imaging and aviation professionals. A growing eagle Overcrowding more than 60 SGI (Special Government Requirements), more than any other competitor, has completed Class G airspace missions across the United States. It is believed to carry out critical inspection flights to strengthen the grid and prevent wildfires, including MM (Plant Management) and hurricane response, search and rescue, wildfires, and wildfires. A growing eagle It is certified by CFR Section 107, which allows the company to conduct night operations and BVLOS operations legally.

Will Paden, President A growing eagle he said.We listened to the needs of our customers. As a result, we have joined forces to establish a large geographical footprint in unstructured systems to test large infrastructure safely and efficiently. Increasing demand for our services will make this merger a natural step forward for our company. UAS space is growing rapidly, and technology is rapidly evolving. We are smarter and more efficient in our business and more responsive to the needs of our customers. The merger with Skynetwest will expand our capabilities for utilities, surveyors and engineering companies, as well as other large customers. The combined company offers our customers new technology capabilities, including LiDAR (Light Detection and Various) and BVLOS solutions. We are proud that no other company in our area has allowed the FAA to fly more BVLOS flights A growing eagle. As veteran pilots, we focus on safety. The two companies are very supportive of each other and share common philosophies and values. “

»With the growing demand for technical UAS aerial data collection services and infrared imaging, it makes good business sense to use capabilities to continue to expand and meet customer needs. As we plan to make a big statement in the drone industry, we look forward to this season.Noah Rice, President of Skynetwest. »A growing eagle It will continue to expand its ability to serve our growing list of clients, including service and energy infrastructure, transportation, long-distance operations, search and rescue operations, on-air mapping, GIS (geographic information system) applications, surveys, and real estate marketing. The merger will expand our aviation industry. We share the customer’s focus as well as the latest aviation developments, including the use of advanced BVLOS systems such as Censys Sentaro V2 VTOL aircraft. We especially promote SEI’s knowledge and experience from coast to coast. As a team, A growing eagle It brings a wide range of boundaries to former pilots. Along with our technical skills, our business is focused on doing the right thing; Every pilot is trained in safety and ethics. “

A growing eagle It systematically partnered with UATI, a non-profit aviation training institute. UATI Provides a variety of non-aeronautical aviation training programs to confirm new candidates in the fast-growing aviation sector. UATI It also provides regular training to keep abreast of FAA regulations. Of UATI The team has more than 30,000 hours of man-made aviation experience, thousands of hours in the UAS, and more than 60 years of combined experience in the aviation industry. Courses taught nearby Jackson International Airport and Chandler, Arizona Section 107 includes the first course and advanced electrical education. »As a company established by artificial aviation workers, A growing eagle It strongly supports regular pilot training. Establishing a pilot training standard for all pilots is essential for our safe operation. We believe that UATI sets the standard for UAS training FA provides one,”Said Paddy.

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