ACME-Advanced Tek, LLC Asset Loyalty Management Rust-Based Training Programs are now available online

Katie, TX, September 09, 2021- ( – Texas-based engineering consulting firm ACME-Advanced-Tek, LLC, specializes in solving and resolving loyalty-related issues in the oil and gas industry. ECA and Forensic Material Failure Analysis (RCA). Provides specialized and training curriculum, rust consulting and material selection, plumbing, filters, reservoirs, PVC. The courses cover the basis for material selection and all types of rust. Environmental corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, fatigue, sulfide stress cracking, hydrogen pollution, gas plants and filters (eg amine and ammonium chloride) and rust control (including Integrity Operating Windows (IOW)).

The course focuses on English (if necessary, French) and problem-solving instruction, giving participants a hands-on experience in solving problems using related tools.

The environment plays a major role in the degradation of materials; The petroleum and chemical industries have experienced a variety of corrosion problems, such as environmental corrosion, SCC, HIC, etc. Many corrosion problems can be prevented from the first and most focused material manufacturing process, and what they get with our training. A good understanding of different types of damage is a must for any property integrity – otherwise the consequences can be devastating and costly, ”he said. ACME – Advanced Tech.

The current ACME training curriculum includes the following
– Basics of Materials and Rust (Academic and Case History)
– Rust in the ground and in pipelines in sweet, spicy and heavy oil production
– Materials and rust in equipment (gas plants, filters, compressors and steam generators)
– Monitoring technologies and freedom operating window (IOW) used in the oil and gas industry, etc.

About ACME – Advanced Tek, LLC
ACME is a professional team of senior material engineering consultants, senior scientists, multi-disciplinary professors, and with decades of experience in oil and gas and materials R&D and project management, ACME is ready to implement and implement major technical projects. Can solve complex problems, provide value-based engineering.

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Dr. George at +1 (304) 560-9197 (Canada) and
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