ABP Induction establishes the first order in Taiwan as a partner for marine wind farms

YGG selects large stoves and MABB digital concepts in Taiwan to speed up the construction of sustainable coastal wind farms.

Exciting Power Transfer Project in Taiwan: Yang Gang Group (YGG) in Taiwan has chosen ABP Induction as a partner to develop a large-scale sustainable project on the west coast of Taiwan. There, Hai Long Long 2, 300 MW Coastal Wind Farm, to be built near the port of Taiwan Taiwan, will be fully manufactured by local stakeholders in Taiwan.

Hai Long 2 is planned to be a regional industrial hub for wind power technology around Thai. The idea is to focus on development and planning efficiency as well as local production of related components. This is intended to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy supply through wind turbine technology for Taiwan and the entire Asia-Pacific region.

Funding for some projects has been allocated for this purpose, and investors have been able to secure 5,000 square meters of space in Zone 1 alongside the CPI Kai Changfang and Sidoo Beach Wind Project. Certain projects need to have on-site assembly activities. The activities of the convention include some of the beach wind components produced in Taiwan, including communication boards from YGG. A.D. In 2019, YGG finalized a deal for local production of resource and foundation frame castings for this purpose. For this purpose, YGG will build a new international wind turbine production plant for beach wind turbines in Thai. This is where YGG collaborates with ABP Induction.

The agreement was finalized in December 2020. ABP will supply two 30-ton furnaces for the proposed 16 MW power plant, and 10 tons of furnaces with a 6.1 MW power supply. The meeting was scheduled for September 2021, with a direct mission in early 2022. ABP Induction is contributing its global expertise here – working with a number of departments from Europe and Asia to bring this complex project to fruition. This will give ABP Induction an opportunity to re-demonstrate its capabilities in the field of sustainable technologies in the supply of electricity and to gain a foothold in the Taiwan market for the first time.

An important requirement for the decision to award the contract to ABP Index The company had extensive experience and a number of successful projects in the large furnace market. However, YGG is also interested in digital solutions developed by ABP Induction, particularly dEoD by a digital expert. ABP professionals are always available when support is needed to ensure maximum system availability with this tool. The ABP support team allows the system to see the system through the eyes of the customer. DEoD is available very quickly, as long waits for service appointments or technical availability are no longer a problem.

Added to this is the ABP Induction digital portal myABP, which manages the digitalisation of infrastructure. By integrating the new system components into myABP, ABP Induction can demonstrate how large-scale YGG is as sustainable and resource-intensive as possible. myABP serves as a digital information and maintenance assistant for the steel industry. The platform works independently of space and time: it is designed as an open, manufacturer-independent system for all processes and machines in warehousing. Prediction and protection services can be provided this way. It also contains all documents from product descriptions and drawings to maintenance manuals and service reports. If necessary, the M2M connection can be complemented by virtual training with dEoD and ABP Virtual Academy with the real support mentioned above. On-site staff can be trained in the required work standards and safety-related activities within the academy. Completed training courses can be registered in the MABP so that the system operator can always have an overview of the professional network within the company. In this particular case, this could be an important contribution to the development of wind farming technology in Taiwan.

Overall, this ABP Induction is making a significant contribution to the further development of renewable energy, and is therefore an initiative that is focused on sustainable development by successfully resisting climate change and developing regional skills and knowledge for this important industry. The future.

Inspiration about ABP

ABP is a leading manufacturer of induction furnaces and systems for the induction smelting and handling of metals and steel industries. ABP specializes in the design, manufacturing, assembly and construction of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals, joints, and metalwork, smelting, casting, and heating. ABP Induction Group has more than 400 employees in the United States, Mexico, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, Russia, India, Thailand and China. It is represented by service and sales partners in most industrialized countries of the world.


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