Abbott tore White House, Biden says Texas could help with oil production

Texas Gov Greg Abbott, Republican, torn White at home On Wednesday, Texas said it would help reduce fuel prices by producing more fuel Biden Management It will only be “off the road.”

Abbott wrote a short letter to the White House on Twitter on Wednesday, saying Texas could help boost domestic oil production and lower gas prices.

“Texas can do that,” wrote Abobot. If your management is out of the way, our producers can easily produce that oil.

White House OPEC criticism masks are bad in our energy policy

Texas governor tells Biden administration “American workers – not OPEC – [to] Produce oil that can reduce the price of gasoline.

“Don’t rely on external energy sources,” he added.

Abbott Twitter responded to National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan’s recent request to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to increase oil production.

“OPEC + has recently agreed to increase production, but these increases will not fully offset OPEC +’s previous cuts during the epidemic until 2022,” Sullivan said. This is simply not enough when it comes to critical global recovery.

“We are participating in the need for competitive markets with relevant OPEC members,” he added. “Competitive energy markets ensure reliable and stable power supplies, and OPEC + needs to do more to support recovery.

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There are currently no federal stops on domestic excavations, but some of President Biden’s first powers have been largely by force Cut Control over U.S. oil prices, such as termination of new drilling leases and cancellation of the XL pipeline.

The White House did not comment on Fox News.

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