AAA Texas – Gas prices fell as fluctuations in oil prices fluctuated. Ida to influence the Central American Gulf

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LUBBOCK, Texas – Good news for drivers in Lone Star State this week, according to a news release from AAA Texas.

The total price of a gallon of unfiltered state oil was reported at $ 2,787 on Saturday and was slightly lower.

Texas motorists are paying the second-lowest average gas price in the country this week, the Motor Club said.

“It was summer driving at the pumps, and the latest U.S. demand data is likely to turn many to road trips during the summer,” said AA Texas Texas spokesman Daniel Armstrong. Even while many people are driving, the price of crude oil continues to fall due to the growing demand for COVID-19.

ASA Texas says drivers in Odessa are paying the highest gas price on average this week. The cheapest gas price is reported in San Antonio.

Meanwhile, all eyes are on the Gulf of Mexico, which affects the Central American Gulf Coast on Sunday and Monday.

According to the latest hurricane track and data from the National Hurricane Center, Ida is expected to make a Category 4 hurricane in Louisiana.

It is unclear how the hurricane will affect next week’s oil and gas prices.

A few days ago, power companies began withdrawing from oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico.

The national average price of a gallon of unfilled oil was reported at $ 3.148 on Saturday and was slightly higher.

Recent Energy Information Management data shows that US gasoline demand has increased from week to week and is higher than last year.

Regional oil supply numbers have increased slightly and the use of Gulf Coast refineries has declined slightly from the previous week.

AAAA Texas noted that crude oil prices have recently changed due to the addition of CV-19 cases.

Retail prices in Lubbock, AA Texas were reported at $ 2,773 on Saturday. reports an average retail price of $ 2.75 in Hab. The website also states that vehicles can get up to $ 2.56 gallons of unrestricted gas prices in Lubok.

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