A video shows a truck in Texas smashing a partial truck exhaust turbine knife

On Sunday, an 18-wheeled truck at the Texas Railway Crossing crossed a semi-truck that looked like a piece of wind turbine.

The accident happened at 2:30 p.m. in Linging, 50 miles south of Austin.

The U.S. Railways has banned the safety record in the event of a strike.

The crossing was clear as the car tried to pass, but the doors were lowered before the vehicles completely cleared the tracks, Fox 7 Austin reported.

A semi-truck carrying what looked like a long wind turbine was hit by a truck in Texas Laling. (KTBC FOX7 Austin)

The video was captured by onlookers as the 18-wheelers crossed the road. The truck overturned, causing the wind turbine to pull over and the truck overturned.

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Police said no one was injured in the crash, Fox 7 reported. It was not immediately clear how much damage was done to the freight train.

A woman who claims to be the wife of a truck driver responded to a video posted on Facebook. To her dismay, she wrote, “With a big knife,” it was “very congested” at the center of the city center, and the driver got out of the car to make sure the truck could clean up the area.

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There were no flashlights or bars when they started crossing the tracks, and there was no way to know if a train was coming. When they warned the oncoming train that her husband was trying to move the 18-wheeler, the pilot jumped into the car to move.

“We are glorifying God that there is no harm!” The woman wrote.

The criminal police and the Union Railway Police are investigating.

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