A United Nations report says the world needs to halve coal, oil and gas production to save the planet.

A new UN report says it needs to halve its use of fossil fuels in the next decade to maintain its international targets.

According to a United Nations Environment Program report, while governments have high hopes, they continue to encourage “climate change” to increase production by setting bold climate goals.

On July 25, 2013, a construction worker focused on plumbing broke down a pipeline outside Watford, North Dakota. North Dakota is currently experiencing oil boom, creating thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in new state revenue. Local two-lane roads used to reach drilling rigs were hit by an unprecedented amount of traffic. Pipelines are being built in part of the region to facilitate the movement from oil fields to training depots and oil refineries.
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In one case, the report said, the United States, which produces 11 percent of greenhouse gases, exports large quantities of oil, gas, and coal, which means that emissions increase globally but are not on the US list.

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By 2030, US oil and gas production will grow by 17% and 12% compared to 2019.

Officials have urged governments to cut production and suspend plans to increase production in the next decade.

The California oil spill has already been announced by the Coast Guard, the report said

“There is still time to limit long-term temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius, but this opportunity window is closing quickly,” said Inger Anderson, the agency’s director general.

The 2015 Paris Climate Agreement aims to limit global warming to below 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit). By the end of the century, it will be difficult to turn the global warming up to 2 degrees Celsius, with a small gap in the productive space.

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Costa Rica and Denmark plan to launch a new team at the Glasgow Climate Conference on October 31. Cooperation beyond oil and gas encourages efforts to significantly reduce production to achieve its goals.

Costa Rica’s Minister of Environment and Energy, Andrea Meza, said:

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The study was conducted by 40 researchers and examined 15 major fossils.

The Associated Press reports.

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