A track mind for Tom Dolan three days before La Solitaire du Figaro

A track mind for Tom Dolan three days before La Solitaire du Figaro

By Tom Dolan Racing 20 Aug 14:06 PDT

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From the toughest of La Solitaire du Figaro, the annual multi-level French solo race, to the only racing race in Ireland, Tom Dolan stays quietly to make sure everything is in place. On the west coast of France, near Nantes, he wants to get a better view of the fifth largest water sign.

The fourth challenge for La Solitayer du Figaro is still more than 2,500 mile races, with more than 620 miles of 2,500 mile runs or four days and three nights at sea. The race begins at St. Nazareth with stops in Rochester, Féchamp and the Gulf of Morlix, and takes various crucial points from the top of the Welsh SS in La Corna, Fastnett Rock and St. Goa. It is definitely a long and difficult course.

Smurfit Kappa-Kingspan, a 34-year-old singer, said, “Don’t get me wrong. But there are at least two legs and they are open, from the beach, ocean courses and these are longer but should be a more direct boat trip. You will find more on the beach. It is actually a series of short runs with many rock skis, rain doors and headboards, taxis and boats.

“Levels 1 and 3 are more than beaches and 2 and 4 are more beaches. For the next three weeks, the three words that best summarize the program are full of words, strong and demanding, ”Dolan said. So much of this competition is in his head.

Dolan, who hails from the county, has a promising double deal with Gildas Mahye at Transat en Double – Concarneau – Saint-Barthélemy in May, and recently retired at Solo Guy Cotton-Concarne last month, and Solo Mitre Coke in April before he suffered an ankle injury. Notice that he was in the top five in this race.

I am as ready as I can. I even had my first holiday of the year. And so I wanted to go there full of energy. I miss the race, I miss doing it there, I really do it, ”Dolan smiled at the floor of the Figaro Benet 3 Smurfit Kappa-Kinsgpan, locked in the middle of a line of 34 boats in the shadow of a huge concrete submarine that controls the coast.

With the experience and confidence I gained from last year’s results, and a consistent finish, I feel I can work more conservatively, which means sometimes 95 to 98 percent to ensure some energy savings. The long game, ”recalls Dolan, and in this regard, caring for the ankle is still a blessing. I have to move around the boat more carefully and calmly.

And as the past 5 results have undoubtedly boosted his morale, self-confidence and profile, now that he is thinking about that start, that result now brings a desire and a desire to improve on him. He says he is not worried about this extra pressure.

“I have to do better than the fifth, that’s the goal. I do not know how I would feel if I did not do better, but I do not feel pressured. I have three years of support and my goal is to win La Solitaire at some point in the future. That I focus on where there are no distractions. I really don’t want to see other races, other classes, other targets, ”concludes Tom Dolan.


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