A resident said the gas issue was resolved just hours before the blast

Dunwodi, Ga. (CBS 46) – Some residents who were taken from the Arire Perimeter apartment complex after Sunday’s explosion said they smelled gas in the building for years.

Residents complained to the authorities several times and were told that the problems had been resolved a few hours before the explosion.

“We went to church around 10:30 this morning, and the smell of gas in the corridor was very thick,” said Mark Pat, an apartment resident.

For the past five years, Pate has complained to the administration about the smell of gas in the parking lot and the basement where he now lives.

He said he had lodged a complaint with the administration before a massive explosion ripped through the apartment building on Sunday.

We called the complex as if gas was going here. The issue is clear, very serious, and he tells us that it has been fixed. If you play a match here, all the buildings will be removed.

Other residents said they smelled of gasoline.

“I once smelled yes in a parking garage,” said apartment owner Alma Albaran.

An Amazon driver told CBS 46 she was about to enter the building to deliver a package when she suddenly heard what looked like a huge explosion and a tree hit her Amazon car.

“I heard a lot of screaming and screaming and I saw people walking around the van,” said Amazon driver Chancellor Jefferson.

Jefferson said she began tapping the phone within seconds of the blast.

In the video you can hear people screaming and you can see bricks and boiled wood everywhere.

Jefferson said she saw the building collapse.

“I could go in there, so I’m happy to be alive,” Jefferson said.

Investigators said three apartments were destroyed, four people were injured in the blast, but all were eventually held accountable.

“We weren’t there but I found two cats there, so they are still breathing,” said resident Mark Pat.

CBS46 has been aware of gas complaints from residents in the past, and has contacted property management to see if repairs should address gas-related issues. We haven’t heard yet.

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