A new study shows youth growth and more diverse membership and focuses on building the next standard

Overall findings show a focus on how to adjust the transferred member values ​​and the association’s experts and move forward.

St. Petersburg, Florida, September 27, 2021 (PRNewswire) – If 2020 is the Wild West, then 2021 is just the beginning of the golden rush. Union Brands, Software and Payment Solutions Provider for Unions and Non-Profit Organizations

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This special annual industry research study – and the accompanying webinar this week – showcases the latest trends that have affected unions based on the perspectives of more than 1,000 trade union members. July 2021. It offers many new opportunities for associations to better serve their members, improve their business models, and ultimately grow their organizations as they build into the next standard.

According to the report, The association’s experts are working hard, but they are focused on implementing new strategies and technologies to work smarter.

Many elite members report new initiatives aimed at maximizing key areas such as individual member benefits (further education, training and networking) and industry-focused benefits (news, advocacy and awareness raising). They say they feel good At least More research is being done in the future than last year’s study, but he admits that half is not ready. In addition, the Association’s Trends 2021 report states that the Pros are working harder than ever, and are planning additional investments, including 40% business analytics and learning management systems, to ease the workload. Pros’ overall optimism is good for organizations next year – their projections for 2020 are largely accurate – but the study highlights the many untapped areas that members value.

And where there are interruptions, there are opportunities.

“It’s great to see professional organizations being a beacon for their members and even increasing their importance in the midst of the riots of the last year and a half,” he said. Jennifer Lee, Managing Director, Associations and Events, Community Brands. “This study confirms another exciting trend we have seen with customers – the emergence of new avenues for growth. Hybrid events, new learning programs, online networking and career development are all areas of interest for young members, and can provide new ways for organizations to participate and generate revenue.

Additional key findings from the report include:

  • HQuick events are the future. Members make it clear that they want both event availability options and value-added benefits as better distance learning options and more adaptations through technology. After the Pillar of 2020, 52 percent of proposal members said they were more interactive, and 88 percent allowed virtual organizations to participate better. Looking forward to it, 75 percent of professionals say they offer a lot of hybrids.

  • Members are young and many are different. While loyalty standards are strong, and young and diverse members are participating, Pros must embrace population change by providing more of the value they need. There are many opportunities for members to retain and reorganize, as the Board reflects your membership, from updating member information.

  • Predictions for the future are even more positive. Despite the ongoing epidemic challenges, things are looking up and organizations are feeling brighter than 2020. Many prospects hope that technology investments will help with the increased workload, and some professors say they will lay off their employees. Still more than a quarter (mostly teenagers) say they will look for new jobs outside their organization in the next 12 months, with 50% claiming better compensation.

  • Focused on the big picture This year, as the world changes, the study shows that the most important areas of value for members are industry news and information, advocacy, awareness raising, and code of conduct. The benefits are usually on the same page but continue to underestimate individual benefits such as training and certification and price representation and feedback from members.

  • Members need more learning options. Employers and professional organizations continue to be a popular source of education and training for members, but they face stiff competition from organizations close to other sources (Selam, YouTube and LinkedIn). The benefits are focused on traditional conferences and courses (online and in person), but members are generally interested in vocational training opportunities and need high-quality training and options to address growing needs.

The whole study – looking at the findings in detail and strategic ways to use the information – will be released Tuesday, September 28. As part of the release, a special CAE-credit webinar, co-produced by Mount Switzerland and Tristan Jordan, Announces and explains the participation of the study member. Following the event, the full study will be available for download on the new association trends information page.

Webinar Registration It is now open, and subscribers will be among those who will receive the new survey. Please reserve your seat for the reserved webinar September 28, 2021, 12pm EST.

For press questions, or to make an appointment for an interview With a Tirara switch or Tristan Jordan, Contact Jesse Cape at press@communitybrands.com or (512) 861-3012.

About the report
Posted by Community Brands, Age Research conducted an online survey of at least 1,818 members (834 current members and 184 members in the last two years) who are at least 18 years old and a member of a professional membership organization. Survey respondents were recruited through samples that could not be online. The term “members” specifically refers to those who have done research. A parallel online survey was conducted among 868 professionals working in cooperatives (370 last year). The term “professionals” or “proposals” applies to those who have done research. The surveys were conducted July 14-30, 2021.

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